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The Human Mind

The Nature of Memory , Perception and the Theory of Mind

A . Memory Network

If a Christian person or anyone familiar with the Bible – was for the first time asked the question : How many animals of each type or species did Moses take with him on the ark the answer is almost always a figure : two . And that is a major support of a theory of how the human mind and memory work . The reason simply is that with regards to the query , the correct answer should be since it [banner_entry_middle]

was not Moses but Noah who built the ark in the story of the Flood as found in the Bible The article Network Notion ‘ explains this phenomena by saying that the human mind does not simply store information in the brain but information are interconnected as in a network and the connections made between sets of information are also part of the memory

So the first time the respondents heard the phrase pairs of animals the brain traces this connection and reaches a knot in the network that says the phrase pairs of animals ‘ is associated with Noah . The node containing Noah connects to another node that says Noah built the ark and that he brought with him two pairs of each animal species . Thus is the respondent cannot help but answer : two

B . Exemplar-Based Reasoning

The exemplar based reasoning is one of the many theories on how a human brain perceives and makes judgments about objects or even those intangible ideas that seem to belong to category like diseases , state of being etc

According to exemplar-based-reasoning the brain has a kind of ing these objects and ideas into a category . Once these categories are set in the brain then every object or idea that comes into the person ‘s consciousness will then be compared to the existing categories found in the brain . So if something matches that category then the person makes the call that this thing or object is a so and so because it perfectly matches the attributes of a certain category . So when a person sees a piece of furniture that has four legs and has a flat surface on top of the legs the brain tells that person that this object resemble the category called , chair thus the person will conclude that the object before him is a chair

There are a number of flaws in this idea . First of all this is an overly simplistic way of explaining how a brain is able to identify an object as a chair and not as a spatula

This idea could not explain the fact that when a person sees an object that instead of having four legs have only three could still identify that object as a chair even if the example of the category chair in the mind have four legs

This also cannot explain the creativity of man . The ability to solve problems out of the box and the creativity to… [banner_entry_footer]

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