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Test Anxiety Research

This sample research was very effective in relaying the research performed , the hypothesis being tested , the various means of testing the hypothesis , and the ultimate conclusions drawn from the testing . It was organized in a very professional APA-style way , breaking the body of the up into various sections for easier comprehension and reference allowing the reader to see immediately which part of the deals with which part of the research and testing . The tone was appropriately scientific , as a like this should always be , without any kind of [banner_entry_middle]

additional personal spin ‘ I think the is effective in its presentation of the research and testing methods , though I do think there was a slight lack of clarity in the focus of the . Though the research is laid out in a logical manner , and it makes sense in the greater argument of the and is certainly related to the subject matter – even the layperson reader can see the correlations between the different factors – it seems that at the end the writer makes a fairly large leap when saying it was found that low self-perceived academic competency negatively affected students ‘ GPA (Anxiety , pp . 10 pp 368 . While there definitely seems to be a correlation between the two I don ‘t think any kind of concrete conclusions can be made from this small-scale study , and there are certainly a greater number of factors potentially involved (everything from genetics to psychological makeup can be the link between the two factors : one does not necessarily beget the other . It is a mistake to assume the hypothesis has been proven conclusively but the research does seem to support it . Also , the starts out as being about how test anxiety and sleep deprivation affect feelings of academic competency later , the arguments seems to be that the two factors affect academic performance . The writer seems to confuse the two things , and does not draw an adequately clear distinction between them – something that is absolutely crucial in this kind of

One thing I would have done differently in this is severely shorten the section on sleep patterns and circadian rhythms . While the information that a disrupted sleep pattern is certainly relevant to the idea that a person who is fatigued will probably not be as prepared for a test or feel as confident going into it as a person who had a restful sleep , leading to greater anxiety during testing , this section gets off on a page-long tangent unnecessarily , which disrupts the whole flow of the and digresses away from the main focus of the research and thesis . Again , it is necessary information to include because it does relate to the testing and the results , but the level of detail the writer includes seems to be unnecessary for the purposes of this

Overall , the research is well-presented but the complementary Introduction ‘ and Discussion ‘ sections lack focus and make a few too many leaps between… [banner_entry_footer]

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