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Racism Across Races

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Racism across Races


With the United States of America being a nation of unusual racial and ethnic diversity , interracial relations have always been an important issue in the country . Aggravating the situation is the legacy of slavery based on race as well as discrepancies in socio-economic status between people of different races and relationship between racial identity and immigrant status . In this , I will explore the of racism as a persistent trend in American society . Racism is investigated within different racial groups , and their attitudes are revealed and compared p [banner_entry_middle]

What is Racism

Racism is generally understood as hate and dislike of representatives of a different race . Weinnberg (1996 ) states that at the heart of racism lies a refusal to acknowledge the equal human worth of distinctive groups of people in customary spheres of social life (XI . This refusal can often be backed with governmental interference and attitudes persisting among government officials , or may rely on private economic resources . Overall , racism exceeds simple individual attitudes that cannot persist within a uniform framework that supports them and promotes in the next generations the same stereotypes . Thus , racism can be defined as an ideology or system of ideas that allocates superiority and inferiority to separate sections of people so as to award privileges to the former and deprivations to the latter (Weinnberg 1996 :XI-XII . However , racism operates differently with respect to people of different gender , socioeconomic status , and ethnicity . This fact allows researchers to speak of the existence of several racisms (Phoenix Tizard 2002 :140

The discussion of several racisms will be incomplete without the mention of institutional racism . This form of racism is supposed to be embedded in national institutions perpetuating discrimination . Its ultimate purpose is to preserve the power of the white majority and shut out outsiders belonging to racial minorities . This can include instances of racial minorities denied jobs in companies or students refused admission to prestigious educational establishments on the basis of their race

Manifestations of Racism

Institutional racism represents embodiment of racist values and attitudes in institutions that resist the entry of people of other races . In part , this traditional bias has been overcome by affirmative actions policies that aim to increase the proportion of minorities in institutions that have always had a greater number of majority representatives . On the other hand , these policies have in themselves been controversial as they were blamed for making decisions on the basis of race rather than other factors

Another , more worrying manifestation of racism is violence based on racial hatred and perpetration of hate crimes . The term , coined for the first time in the US legislation , refers to crimes that are committed on ideological grounds , because of the lack of acceptance for a certain group of people . Hate crimes can be committed not only against people of different race they can also target people with a special socioeconomic status , sexual orientation , or other criteria . However , they are most frequently based on racial considerations and as such frequently surface… [banner_entry_footer]

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