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Raymond Carver

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Term Introduction

Raymond Carver is a famous writer whose importance in American literature is impossible to overestimate . His prose is exceptional accurate and clear . In the 1980s a deep interest and vivid representation of the private lives of Carver ‘s characters became an innovation in literature of that time . `Call if You Need Me ‘ contains five brilliant stories which give the last look on the writer ‘s works Reading his stories a person gets only a pleasure

This is about a famous book `Call if You Need Me ‘ and a story of [banner_entry_middle]

br the same title written by Raymond Carver . It is devoted to the analysis of the story plot . In the a special attention is paid to the events , plot structure and elements of the story plot

2 . `Call If You Need Me ‘ by Carver . The plot structure “When we love a writer , we want to read on and

on , to encounter the full range of what he or she

wrote – the transcendent , the unexpected , even

the unfinished

– From the foreword by Tess Gallagher

Raymond Carver ‘s book `Call if You Need Me ‘ appeared after the author ‘s death . It is a complete collection of fiction and it includes all of the prose collected in `No Heroics ‘ and five stories which were written by Carver in the second part of his life . The book `Call if You Need Me ‘ is a collection of stories which describe lives and small crises of ordinary people . The story `Call if You Need Me ‘ displays author ‘s unique prose style as he puts his characters , ordinary people , to solve everyday problems , family crises – in a word , ordinary life problems

The plot structure of the story `Call if You Need Me ‘ consists of the major elements : exposition in which the author introduces characters place of development of events rising action , in other words , the crisis of several characters climax , or turning point of the whole story falling action and resolution . The author does not invent extraordinary things he composes the plot of the story showing common situations in life . Every reader can be convinced of Carver ‘s talent his unexpected and immediate writing having read the story . `Call if You Need Me ‘ is about the dissolution of a long-term marriage , one of the major themes of his stories

The first part of the plot structure (exposition ) in this story is the introduction of a married couple who decide to spend the summer together renting a summer place far from their house . This decision and the change of conditions is only an attempt to maintain their relationships Thus , this is the beginning of the end of their marriage life

Rising action takes place when a couple discusses the possibility of having a dog : ` ‘But though we went on talking about dogs for several days , and pointed out dogs to each other in people ‘s yards we ‘d drive past , dogs we said we ‘d like to have , nothing came of it… [banner_entry_footer]

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