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re-write th einstructions or write the instructions how to log to university

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E-Mail Help Sheet

In this document you are going to learn

How to log onto UAA Webmail

How to set up Webmail folders and

How to Compose a message

These 3 tasks are really simple and you will be guided through each and every step of the whole procedure . So , sit back , relax and proceed

General instructions

When you are sitting before the computer the two basic things you normally would do are

striking the keys on the keyboard and

clicking the mouse (mouse is a small [banner_entry_middle]

hand held device whose left button you click with your index finger

In this document whatever you have to type on the keyboard is underlined

For example you would type the word , `Mathew

But not the word , `name

? – This square symbol is used to indicate a mouse click

Another convention used in this document is that whatever that is enclosed within square braces [] denotes a button on the screen

Eg . [Logout]

The above note denotes a button on the computer screen with the word `Logout ‘ written inside the button . You normally click a button with the mouse

The buttons on the screen may be of any shape like a square , circle oval or rectangle

So much about the basics . We will head on to the actual tasks

Logging onto UAA Webmail

Go to a networked computer on the Campus . After sitting before the terminal , get connected to the internet and go to your UAA Webmail address . Now the screen will look like the box below

In the firs box labeled `User name ‘ type your name . Use the keyboard for this . If your name is say Philip , in the blank space that is adjacent to the word User name you type Philip . Use backspace and delete keys to correct your mistakes

After finishing typing hit the `Tab ‘ key , which is near the top left extreme of your keyboard . Now the cursor ( the blinking spot on the screen ) will be beside the label `Password . In the adjoining blank space type your password which is nothing but your SID . If you wish you can change the password . We will learn about it in a shortwhile . For the time being type your SID after the label `Password . Type the numbers without the dashes

For example if the number is 545-54-2356 you type 6

Finished ? Now hit the `Enter ‘ key . Now you can watch the screen clearing and showing you the mail screen . You have successfully logged on to UAA Webmail

If you have any E-mails it will be listed in the Inbox which is just below the toolbar at the top . A standard coloring convention is followed while displaying mails . Dark blue colored are the new unread ones . The slightly light colored ones are read messages

Changing Password

In the mail screen which might be just showing on your monitor , there will be a blue strip at the top labeled [Options] . Click it

Options screen will appear . This will look somewhat like this

[Change Password] [Reset] In the first box type your present password which is nothing but your SID

Hit the [TAB] key

In the second box type what you want to be your new password

Hit the [TAB] key

In the third box retype the new password

After this you have two options . You can click any one of the two buttons [Options] or [Reset] . If you click [Options] the new password you typed will become effective . If you click [Reset] original password (your SID ) will be maintained . Decided about your password ? Click [options] or [Reset] according to your wish . After your clicking , the mail screen will show up

Handling Messages

) to the left of each message . By clicking inside the square we can select a message . The selected message can either be deleted or moved to a different folder

For deleting , first click inside the blue square at the left extreme of the message to be deleted . Then click on the [Delete] button . The message will be deleted

Note : once you select a message by clicking inside the blue square a tick mark will appear in it . To nullify the selection made , click again in the blue square . The selection will go off and the tick mark would have disappeared

To move a message to a particular folder , follow the following steps

Select the message by clicking inside its associated blue outlined square

p J



p CH










h H

[Move messages to the folders] . Click there

A drop down list of available folders will appear . In that select the destination folder by clicking it

The message would have moved to the selected folder . This can be verified from the inbox . The message you had just moved will no longer be listed in the inbox




Old Password

Type New Pasword

Retype New Password … [banner_entry_footer]

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