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Reading comprehension using colored overlays (transparancies)

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p Reading Comprehension Using Colored Overlays



Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : Literature Review

Visual /Perceptual Causes of Reading Disability

Visual Perception . Color , and Reading

Evoked Potentials and Reading

The Eye and Reading

The Eye and Reading

The Early Use of Color in Reading

Studies Related to Sco Sensitivity /Irlen Syndrome and Reading

SSIS and Tests of Visual Perception


Chapter 1


Recently , educational strategies employed in the area of reading have evidenced increased interest in another technique used [banner_entry_middle]

to help children having reading difficulties . Practically , the technique is to use color in to create a more dynamic focus on the page when reading According to Irlen (1991 ) the usage of colored chalk on a dark board made material presented not only more entertaining but also noticeable Therefore , the idea of colored overlays , sheets of colored Mylar or acetate , applied to both children and adults having reading difficulties has almost impressive history of collaborative efforts made by teachers researchers and clinicians

The importance of reading as a fundamental skill for children is self-evident as it is introduced at the very onset of any formal education . Practically , any difficulties encountered on the early steps of the reading education usually result in general development and long-term complexities in adulthood . Orton (1937 , a professor of psychiatry , studied children of normal or above normal intelligence who had been diagnosed as “word blind ” The children exhibited severe problems in memory for word pattern and letter orientation in their attempts to read or spell a word . Orton termed this problem strephosymbolia , meaning “twisted symbols ” since he considered the term “word blindness ” to be misleading when there was no evidence of loss of vision . Approximately one-fifth of all young adults and one-half of minority young adults read below the 8th grade level . This large number of poor readers indicates that fewer high school graduates are able to read adequately to succeed in college yet , more young adults in the U .S . are going to college than ever before . A college education is considered important to an improved lifestyle , but 25-50 of the students enrolling in college have reading skills that make a college degree difficult to achieve (Kirsch et al , 1993 . Reading difficulty has been found to be a source of anxiety and frustration in four and five grade students , which have already developed strong coping mechanisms with their difficulties in reading . Importantly , at this point children exhibited poor performance not only in reading but also in all types of learning (Jeans et al , 1997

Many researchers investigating the effect of colored overlays on reading have indicated a positive correlation between colored overlays and reading comprehension , fluency , and information retention in individuals with reading disabilities (Evans et al , 1994 Robinson 1987 . It is evident that providing adequate and suitable modifications adaptations , and intervention techniques used in the program development for each reading student became a responsibility of the public school system . School districts across the country became interested in providing colored overlays as… [banner_entry_footer]

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