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Reading the Signs: Film

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Media Says : Heaven is for the Upper Class ‘ I think NOT

Media is a very powerful medium . It can manipulate our way of thinking It has a strong influence on people around the world . In a survey made by WPP ‘s Kantar Media Research unit and Dutch software developer pointlogic , print , among the media tools used shows that the most powerful overall medium , television ranks next

In the essay Class and Virtue by Michael Parenti , the author used as examples the following movies : Treasure Island (1934 , 1950 , 1972 , The Three Faces of [banner_entry_middle]

Eve (1957 , A Woman under the Influence (1974 ) and Pretty Woman (1990 ) and one television series : The A-Team to imply that media entertainment is bias in the working class

The fact that the author generalized the inclination of the entertainment media to working class being the unlettered , uncouth and undesirable ‘ using only four movies and one television series , is not just biased but also unreliable

In Treasure Island , a squire with his team and a group of working class lead by Long John are compared and judged based on their taste movement , manner of speech and the way they dress up . The group that belongs to the upper class is portrayed as the good ones and the team that belongs to the working class is portrayed as the bad people by simply commenting on their appearances

In The Three Faces of Eve , however , a woman who suffers from multiple personality is compared to her other selves ‘ when the schizoid attack occurs . One has poor manner of speaking , the second is a wild and flirtatious woman who also has a bad accent and the last is a woman of class and elegance , so to say . This clearly shows partiality in class status , low class is immoral and high class is moral

In A Woman under the Influence , a spouse who happens to be in the working class maltreats his wife and does not show any affection towards her . His insensitivity is showed as a result of his class in the society . Thus , concludes : being in the working class makes one undesirable because status in life greatly affects attitudes

In Pretty Woman , the main character portrayed by Julia Roberts is shown as a low-class cheap prostitute , who wears tasteless clothes , chews gum and talks roughly until she meets a rich man . This man , played by Richard Gere happens to adorn her with money and attention to make her fit in ‘ in his society . Later on , his efforts are rewarded when she is finally able to talk properly , to dress properly and to move appropriately , which are characteristics of the middle /upper class , and characteristics that are believed to be good

Finally , in the television series The A-Team , the two affluent American leaders and the lowest ranking African-American members of the working class are all compared . This time , class is not just the object of comparison , but also is race . Pure whites who belong to the upper class are shown as… [banner_entry_footer]

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