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Real Estate Finance

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Real estate finance



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Real State Finance

There are people think what to invest now a day if you have a lot of extra money that is how Chip and Steve do . The two recommend Meyerland Plaza to the HMC Investment Committee to invest real estate in this promising company . Why Chip and Steve Choose Meyerland Plaza ? Why should the HMC invest the next paragraph support this detail

Here are important reasons why Chip

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Steve Choose Meyerland Plaza

Meyerland plaza built in 1950 ‘s and until now still standing and growing

It is a well-known and first class shopping center . Located in a growing part of Houston just off the loop . They have pleasurable designed area for the shoppers . Easy access and ample parking in a relaxed atmosphere

They have lots of array products you choose from women ‘s , men ‘s children `s apparel accessories , shoes , Eateries , electronic entertainment , health , beauty and fitness , home furnishings and dycor services , specialty merchandise , books , cards and music and general merchandise

They have a lot of services offered including bank transactions

Many branches opened

In other words , the Meyer land plaza is stable and time tested

Four reasons why the HMC invest in

Real estate with the Meyer land plaza

Appreciation . Appreciation means growth in value . By buying the right property in the location , the investor can absolutely control the supply of the unique property . Aside from that the population continues growing with the current immigration pattern there would be continued need for housing over the next 50 years . You can safely assume a 4 appreciation level . Appreciation is analogous to growth in stock ownership

Income . Income means a current cash flow . Investment property is analyzed based upon its ability to generate income . Often , smart management decision can either decrease operating expenses or increasing revenue of a real estate investment . It will give you an increasing income . Wealth can create by decisions like changing the use of a building , buying property in the part of other development , or improving the function of a building

Depreciation . Depreciation is a convention of accounting and tax laws In here , the property can actually be appreciating in value while you are depreciating the asset on your tax return . Depreciation can be thought as of non cash expense of real property this non-cash expense can reduce current taxable income while not reducing actual income

Tax savings . 1031 Exchanging , generally a sale of an appreciated investment triggers a tax on the profit (gain . IRC section 1031 creates an exception to this rule . It allows an investor to sell and purchase investment real property without

current tax liability . By selling and purchasing using section 1031 , the investor can create substantial additional wealth (newsletter , 2004

Conclusive Statement

The Meyerland Plaza is one of the famous shopping mall in the world today that can offer promising business to other companies . Whatever you need they have it that is why Chip and Steve did not think twice to recommend this company to HMC investment committee

In general , the HMC could have lots of advantage in investing the real estate business with the Meyer land Plaza offered by Chip and Steve Aside from giving them potential income , the populations continue growing and excess to 400 ,000 ,000 in 2050 and immigration increasing how the government copes up on this continued demand of housing . You as the committee on HMC Investment should decide right now on this financial freedom that the real estate investment offer . Regardless the size of real estate investment , the company builds up big return . The investments are a win-win on the part of HMC . Act now this real estate investment will give the company an achievable result . For more help I will offer you some contact information that greatly helps you to decide , contact the following who are experienced for 13 years in the United Sates

Phoenix : Florida : California

Nationwide Toll free : Fax


Why Invest in Real Estate ? 2004 . Newsletter . October 8 , 2006 HYPERLINK “http /www .1031x .com /news-WhyRealEstate .cfm http /www .1031x .com /news-WhyRealEstate .cfm

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