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Reasearch Methodology

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Research Methodology

The reality that high standards in research exist at the present time added with the fact that our knowledge in the fields of quantitative-based methodology has extended in the years , there is more need for students to take more research methods and statistics courses It appears that professor curriculum and the like have less and less space for research design , statistics , and measurements . At some institutions , students are obligated to take only one statistics class At such institutions , choice of subjects of study is enormously critical . Vital components of [banner_entry_middle]

research conducting are consciousness of the most contemporary statistical theory and applications and a readiness to change . As noted by Johnson “it is vital that professors of educational research and statistics obtain the newest developments in methodology and statistics so that they can transfer this information to their students (Johnson 34-35

Unhappily , the teaching of unsuitable or outdated statistical techniques can lead the students to under-develop their educational and science works . It is especially a problem for those who conduct serious theses dissertations , and other types of research studies . As it is known statistical teaching has changed little during the last decades Moreover , confirmation exists that the greater part of published studies , which are seriously flawed , contain procedural , analytical , and interpretational errors (Onwuegbuzie 110-116 . As noted by Onwuegbuzie some of these flaws take sauce from graduate-level instructions in which statistical methods are taught as a chain of schedule steps , rather than as a interactive and reflective process . In such works , graduate-level curricula reduce students ‘ experience with statistical theory and applications . Such works can also contain applications of diverse inaccurate and deceptive mythologies about the nature of research . Other point of unsuccessful research delivery are growing numbers of statistics instructors teaching out of their areas of knowledge and a failure , unwillingness , or even refusal to distinguish that statistical techniques that were popular in past years . Such techniques may be considered to contain no importance (Cangelosi 26-27

Examples of unsuitable statistical practices that are being circulated in many statistics courses include (1 ) not providing proof that statistical assumptions were checked prior to conducting quantitative analyses (2 ) Sometimes , sample size considerations are not discussed (3 ) We can also find inappropriate treatment of multivariate data in many research reports (4 ) We may encounter failure to report consistency indices for either prior or present samples (5 ) It can also be no control for Type I error rate and failure to report effect sizes (Onwuegbuzie 121-127 . While conducting a research , student make keep in mind that the function of research is the decision that a statistics executor must make . The resemblance of statistics approach instructors uses to teach statistics is a function of the philosophical orientation and also the experience in using diverse methodologies (Carver 42

Philosophical and Theoretical Background

Shadish argues that research and evaluation of data is not merely applied by social science . Shadish appeals to the peculiar problems manifested in evaluation and research . However , various problems arise not merely in evaluation of… [banner_entry_footer]

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