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recognizing rhetorical devices

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Recognizing Rhetorical Devices

Statement 1

A controversial television program does not necessarily mean it has a negative ‘ impact to the audience rather than a good conventional discussion for audiences to tackle a particular issue that has a significant effect to society or to an individual . It does not constrain one ‘s idea rather it asks us to become open-minded and embrace various issues to talk about and open our minds to do something about it Controversial television varies from time to time . Decades ago , people were more conservative and were restricted [banner_entry_middle]

to television programs that only cater to their taste , to their way of living . But now , people opt to have taste of these things that enhance their minds and arguments

Statement 2

Conservative viewers and the FCC laws will strict aspiring screenor authors from expressing creativity with programs targeted for social consciousness . Without these programs , the television shows will deteriorate freedom of speech and expression quietly . FCC laws are slowly creeping into the channels to remove the one essence of human nature : the ability to learn

Statement one highlights the true initiative of controversial television programs by focusing on the ability for audiences to choose what to watch . The statement highlights the vital components of open-mindedness and the ability to voice an opinion regarding the idea of negative being in correlation with controversial ‘ as well . If audiences feel that a show is controversial , they may not allow their kids to watch the shows with them . I would not present this argument in terms of distinguishing controversial from negative because it is not in direct relation

On the other hand , statement two ignites the flame by tapping into Constitutional issues regarding the freedom of speech and free expression . FCC laws are making changes to the language usage , crude humor , and other unique factors most aspiring use to make their work original . If this continues , the media will not be an open-source for creativity to flame social awareness to the people . Banning certain material or ignoring issues such as Surviving the Bottom Line (Columbia Journalism Review , 1998 ,

.2 ) keeps the American people from learning economic values . Other creative minds such as the author of Vamos a Cuba (Piznur , 2006 ,

.3 ) are facing these harsh realities right now

Conservative living is not a part of this fast-paced , close-minded society . Statement two represents the fight towards life-learning . This statement pushes our ability to live fruitful lives , individualistic creativity , and flourishing credibility for our work . My argument remains with statement two because I believe our freedom of speech will be taken away from us for good . Parents and caretakers who fight against the controversial programs are not allowing their future generations to view the world in a realistic stance . The fight for Constitutional freedom remains the issue that everyone should strive to have

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