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Forest recreation provides influence on the natural bionetwork but more essentially , according to Lowman (2006 , it presents a method to encourage protection in environmentally delicate zones , help the economies of local villages , give the community with a nature-based learning practice and familiarize tourists to local traditions . Forest recreation has significant impacts to the protected natural ecosystems Wide ecologically susceptible forests have been expanded and maintained with provisions to have capacity for tourists use . However , developing recreational forest may inadvertently wear down land area , stamp on [banner_entry_middle]

br plants or bother the flora and fauna

These human-inflicted biophysical changes cause dilemma in the provision of recreational opportunities with a parallel objective of protecting and preserving the natural environments . There should be a balance between these two objectives when managing forest recreation . Achieving one objective will not stand without the other . The primary aim in the sustainable management of recreational forest is to put into practice combination of various appropriate forest recreation management strategies , preservation of the natural forest ecology , as well as enhancement of the forest ‘s natural resources (Jacobson and Long , 1998

A number of environmentalists worldwide are signifying great concern since forest recreation visitors pose significant threats to the environment by affecting the natural ecosystems . This is especially true when there is so much influx on forest recreation visitors . Disastrous outcomes are also observed when rules , regulations and policies are not in place in these forest recreation places

More disadvantageous are instances when the tourists or the forest recreation management conduct some alterations in the natural ecosystem As a result of forest recreation activities , there are observed trampling and subsequent loss of ground vegetation , felling of saplings , erosion of surface litter and humus , exposure and compaction of mineral soil , and at times , exposure of the tree roots or damage to the tree trunks (Marion , 1996

According to the Recreation Ecology Research Findings : Implications for Wilderness and Park Managers ( HYPERLINK “http /www .cnr .vt .edu /forestry /cpsu /rececol .html http /www .cnr .vt .edu /forestry /cpsu /rececol .html , the National Park Service and Forest Service in the United States of America takes the essential urgent requirements to wisely handle tourists and put into practice reserve shield agenda to reach equilibrium in the visit with its effects on the forest reserve (Recreation Ecology Research Findings Implications for Wilderness and Park Managers http /www .cnr .vt .edu /forestry /cpsu /rececol .html

Forests give different but unique opportunities for dispersed low-density outdoor recreation , such that recreational opportunities on forest place will be aimed at those forms of dispersed forest recreation that are not provided by other land uses and that will not harm the forest ecosystem . Outdoor recreational activities and challenges are continually changing which is affected by the social structure mobility , leisure time , affluence , and a number of innovations on recreation equipment

During the earlier days , there are simple , licated activities in forest recreational places . However , currently , wide array of activities are available to choose from . Various recreational programs… [banner_entry_footer]



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