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Reference Letter template, for graduate entrance to medical school.

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I strongly recommend the acceptance of ____________ to your program She has worked with me at the NHS Treatment Centre in Bristol in February to May , 2006 , observing and assisting me in my role as senior physiotherapist . During this period , I have allowed her to observe my consultations with patients . I have then asked her questions and her observations of these sessions . In part , this has helped her prepare for her Physiology and Health examinations in June 2006

Moreover , during this course , I have required her to log all her experiences in [banner_entry_middle]

her diary which she has dutifully done . I see her conversing with patients prior to and following their treatments inquiring about what their jobs entailed . She has also shown interest in learning about their exercise regimes , particularly those who have undergone hip replacement

I wish to write about her personal characteristics which she has exemplified during this period . I should begin with her exemplary work ethic . I have observed that she has been very thorough and enthusiastic in documenting all the learning she has yielded on her day-to-day interaction with me and the patients . The latter have just been through hip replacement and necessitate therapy . She is eager in engaging in conversation with therapists and patients familiarizing herself with their roles and responsibilities . Her enthusiasm is what keeps her dedicated to her tasks even amidst difficult circumstances – a trait which I feel is indispensable in being a successful medical practitioner

I have had the opportunity , too , to learn more about her ambitions of becoming a successful oncologist in the future . This ambition is driven by the authentic passion to help others , as she has had the personal experience of nursing someone in her family who has been inflicted with cancer . I believe that this grassroots ambition and personal experience is sufficient to `fuel ‘ her into realizing her dream . In her brief stint with the Centre , I have seen her fortitude in accomplishing what she has set out to achieve . Perhaps , this is further attested to by the fact that she has graduated with a BSc (Hons ) Human Biology degree from the University of Bristol

Apart from her strong academic background and good work ethic , I have also felt her `vocation ‘ – her calling – for the medical profession . She has quickly and effectively established rapport with the patients and therapists of the Center with her easy , friendly manner . In a profession that is sometimes perceived as `detached , it is important for practitioners to develop a personal relationship with their doctors – one that is firmly based on trust and esteem . I feel that _________ easily fits that bill . This trait will also help her blend in well with a multi-disciplinary team , for example , one in which both medical practitioner and medical counselor have critical roles to play . She is a team player and recognizes the power of synergy and collaboration within a medical team . She is also a very good listener and knows how to empathize with patients

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