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Reflections on CS Lewis` The Last Battle

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The Last Battle

The end times . The ultimate battle between good and evil . Judgment day

C .S . Lewis ‘ The Last Battle , the final installation of his seven-part series The Chronicles of Narnia , revolves around these themes . The book which is said to have biblical parallelisms , is reflective of the events depicted in the Book of Revelations – the coming of the Anti-Christ , the last judgment , and the end of the world

In The Last Battle , the kingdom of Narnia is under grave threat and its small band of protectors – the loyal followers of [banner_entry_middle]

Aslan the lion , the creator of Narnia – must defend their kingdom and their God

Narnia at this time is governed by King Tirian , a descendant from Caspian and Rilian of earlier times . Into his world come a cunning ape named Shift , and a donkey named Puzzle . Puzzle finds an old lion-skin and with the influence of Shift , the two plot to deceive the Narnians by dressing up Puzzle to look like Aslan , and having him pretend that he is Aslan . They also strike an alliance with Calormen , the antagonistic nation last featured in The Horse and His Boy , to join them in bringing Narnia down

The fate of the kingdom lies in the hands of Eustace and Jill , the children of the Earth , and together with King Tirian , they must find the real Aslan and restore peace in Narnia

It is indeed a trying time for Narnia . Dissent and chaos are brewing among the inhabitants . The Narnians are looking for answers that no one seems to know . Until that time , they begin to question Aslan ‘s authority and judgment . And it did not help that the Lion seems nowhere to be found

The ensuing events that took place as a consequence of the ape ‘s self-serving interest all contribute to the realization of The Last Days ‘ or the End Times ‘ for Narnia

In Christian theology , study of such events as the second coming of Jesus Christ , Judgment Day , and the establishment of a new heaven and earth is called eschatology . According to Knowledgerush .com , eschatology (from Greek word eskhatos , meaning last , is the study of beliefs concerning final events and ultimate purposes . It concerns the things hoped for , yet to be revealed

In The Last Battle , the ape is likened to the image of the Antichrist who , although not particularly mentioned in the Book of Revelations , is the source of all things evil . In the Revelations , the Antichrist figures as the Beast , the False Prophet , and the Whore of Babylon . In Christian understanding , according to Dr . Erwin Ransom (Narniaworld .com the Antichrist may be an individual or an organization , like an evil government leader or an influential religious leader who sets up false worship in place of the worship of Christ , under the dominion of Satan

Shift , the ape , is such character . He is a conniving plotter who wants to defeat Aslan , the creator and the protector of Narnia . In all his evil and conniving ways , he managed… [banner_entry_footer]

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