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I lived my life in until I shattered the notion to find a place for myself in this world . I realized that I can be a unique , innovative person without restraints embedded by our society . My fear taught me a valuable lesson regarding courage because it opened my eyes to reality in a different perspective fear is a state of mind . It is ironic that many people are not aware of how vital fear can be in the decisions we make in our daily activities it paralyzes some of our thoughts , but my experiences [banner_entry_middle]

strengthened my character

For example , I realized my fear of change would hinder my personal growth and that would have kept me from following my dreams . I could not sleep , think , or eat for days during my [insert class] because I was disappointed in the outcome of [describe life-changing event] . I wished that [insert wish] , but I can not take it back . My fear kept me from believing in [specify what you lost your belief in] . I did not want to change during that time because I was very stubborn and a bit selfish After [insert event] , I kept wondering why it happened to me . I realized that my ego was out of control and I needed to practice humility to move forward

I sat in my room looking in the mirror one night after [describe the result of the event] and the incident of losing my faith in [insert noun] . My mind wavered back and forth in search of an answer regarding my fear of change , Why am I afraid of something different from what I know ‘ I called my best friend later that evening to discuss my strengths and weaknesses . She answered the phone and asked Are you still trying to figure out who you are , [insert your name] ‘ I replied Yes , [insert friend ‘s name] . I want to know of what you think about me and who I might be in the next five years ‘ She said You are a remarkable person . The changes you undergo will be for the good because you have a good heart in the beginning . You are a curious soul and that is a gift of its own

From that night forward , I appreciated every aspect of my being – every flaw , thought , and mistake . Everything felt just right until my admission process for [name University or company] . I knew that my fear was in my mind , but the idea of losing the opportunity to other candidates made my heart shrink in confidence . My fear of rejection aligned itself in my mind because I sensed myself failing that day . My family and friends kept asking , Are you okay [insert your name] ? Clear your mind before your turn ‘ Their support was more than enough to bear during the time , but I needed to increase my confidence alone . The admission process continued smoothly until I [name an embarrassing moment] . The admissions ‘ officer questioned my ability to think analytically

My fingers felt very numb as I waited in the observers ‘ office listening to the instructions for my case study . My mind raced with apprehension because I could not breathe and the air felt muggy . The official stared into my eyes with a distinct curiosity because of my uneasiness . I feared that my application would be dismissed due to my non-responsive behavior while under observation for the University . So , what was I to do ? I paid close attention to every word the official said about the University and I responded promptly with full confidence in my abilities . In that moment , my professionalism eroded my fear of rejection because I knew I was fit for the University

There were many days where I kept to myself because I felt I should handle my emotional crisis alone during situations like [specify 2 events] . I understood that my fear was a state of mind , but believing and practicing it were two different things . I looked at the stars on [specify month] and pondered my mystical questions about self-actualization . Who am I ? Who have I been all these years ‘ The truth behind this unusual night was my fear of truth . I was not a very truthful person to [insert your name] because there was no one checking behind me except me . I molded myself into this character that was pretentiously confident . I kept my head high so my surroundings could not crush me , but the truth was that I was afraid of what truth lie in the mirror . Soon , I started writing in my journal after that night because I wanted to see my thinking process

My notebook had every idea that I could jot down at every moment I inquired about who I was . I stared myself in the eyes and spoke truths of all degrees , I am strong . I am a soldier . I am a student . I am unique . I believe in truth . I will tell the truth ‘ My affirmations gave me control of my emotional drawbacks because they described how strong of a person I am . Now , I feel a sense of accomplishment after looking back on these events without regretting or criticizing the choices I made . My fear had an opportunity to take some beautiful moments away from me , but it was in my mind the whole time . I realized that my fear of change , rejection , and truth were there to lean me into questioning who I was supposed to be . Now , I take the time to understand my emotions and the reasons why I react to risky situations . I feel that I would be in the same condition if I allowed fear to control my life any longer . The power of fear is traumatizing for some who can not control it , but I know the answer to the question Who am I ‘ and I can speak the truth of my being without concern

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