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Relating Academic success to Motor Learning

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Education is an all round process of skill development . It includes a number of facets such as neurological maturity , which includes strengthening and improving the core muscles as well as overall integration of senses (AD /HD : 2001 ) Then there are other issues such as group learning , independent and cooperative work and establishing the frame work of the learning process which contribute to the overall growth and development of a student (Skill Development : 2006 . The role of motor development in this activity is extremely important . Motor [banner_entry_middle]

br learning is the process of improving the smoothness and accuracy of movements (Learning : 2006 . It is a part of the development of the neurological senses and the ability to coordinate the mind and the body This is achieved through a focus on developing neurological abilities through motor skill training . Motor learning is one of the earliest techniques which is introduced at the kindergarten level to facilitate development of mind-body coordination related to academic learning which involves a smooth movement of the fingers in relation to the commands from the brain . Thus the need for early motor learning skills is amply highlighted . There are a number of people with learning disabilities for them there is no substitute for motor learning . Motor learning is an effective way for greater academic success as demonstrated through its symbiotic relationship with learning , impact at the first stage of education , development of writing skills , increased relevance in the computer age and utility in developing the faculties of people with learning disabilities

Motor learning is said to be a set of internal processes associated with the practice and experience leading to permanent changes in the capability to respond of a person (Schmidt : 1988 . It would thus be evident that the very definition of motor learning indicates its significance to academic excellence as it is exclusively related to betterment of mental faculties . The first part of the definition will denote that it is an internal or a mental process so is learning a predominantly intrinsic activity . It is said to be developed through practice and experience , which is the essence of motor training . Finally it is stated that it brings about permanent changes , which is the overall aim of academic learning , change and develop people . Thus it would be evident that there is a symbiotic relationship between motor learning and academic excellence . Motor development is also said to contribute to academic success as the perceptual motor theory reveals that it is related to muscular movement , which can be effectively enhanced through improving what is known as motor movement . Motor maturity is also seen to lead to increasing his perceptual abilities considerably which is the key to performance of academic tasks particularly at the higher level of intellectual functioning (Bellitto : 1981 . Research has also revealed that early intervention can be a key contributor to improved performance and it is thus being used at the Pre School and kinder garden level in a spiral and sequential manner as gross… [banner_entry_footer]

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