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Gender roles and relationships have always been too important a subject in human life to be left out of the religious discourse . Issues of women and their relations with men are dealt with in almost any sacred text of any religion , and preachers from different denominations continue to devote their time and attention to the intriguing issue of women ‘s role in society and religion . This will concentrate on the views on women ‘s place in society espoused by two leading world religions Christianity and Islam . We will explore [banner_entry_middle]

the similarities and differences between the two major faiths in their treatment of women ‘s rights and obligations

Women in Islam

As much as Europeans and other Christian nations have tried to portray Muslim national environments , so much have the Muslim scholars tried to repudiate these claims by pointing out the advantages of the woman in Islamic society . The woman has an important role in the family she has to enjoy care and protection from her husband she does not have to work and can count on the man ‘s support and her modest clothing prevents her from being treated as a sex object . The critics of Islam , on the contrary , point to restrictive inheritance laws that disadvantage daughters relative to sons and permission for husbands to beat their wives in case of disrespect for religious laws

Speaking of the most visible Islamic prescription for the woman , the requirement to cover up a large part of her body , it is interpreted by many Muslims as the need to protect the woman from immodest gazes . Quran says .And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what ordinarily appear thereof that they should draw their veils over their bosoms (24 :31

Women under Islam should be guided by men however , this guidance has to rest on a tender and caring attitude . The man is the head of the family and Muslim texts state that this is not only authority , but also enormous responsibility for the wife ‘s well-being and spiritual development . Those men who mistreat or oppress women are censured severely as they do not fulfil adequately their task of nurturing and protecting women that was given to them by Allah (University of Southern California . Islam is credited with triggering great improvements in the fate of women , as Muhammad encouraged his followers to support widows by marrying them , introduced the right of the women to own property , and upheld the respect for the woman as a mother

Although the important place of the woman in society is recognized , the leading role of the man in the family has serious implications for the woman . His guardianship is grounded in five fundamental principles protection , surveillance , custody , and maintenance (University of Southern California . The husband , for example , has the right to restrict her freedom of movement although he should not do so unreasonably and should… [banner_entry_footer]

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