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Jesus Christ as we all know has His Twelve Disciples and one of them was Paul . He was from Tarsus , back then was a Christ Antagonist but there was great turn out of event that made him one of Christ ‘s closest friend and disciple . One of the books Paul wrote was the book of Ephesians . The Book of Ephesians tells us of joining God ‘s family and Gods works like God ‘s work of Redemption , Revelation , Resurrection , Reconciliation Proclamation , and Sanctification and also The Christian Walk like the walk of [banner_entry_middle]

unity , repentance , walking in the light , walk of submission and the walk of power . However , Paul was said to be misogynist . Why ? Why not ? In his book , the Ephesians specifically in chapter 5 talks about us , as the children of the Light . We as God ‘s children are already redeemed from darkness and were saved by God ‘s son , Jesus . As Jesus sons and daughter we should walk following His ways , we should imitate Him . Paul was said to be a misogynist among scholars because of what he wrote in Ephesians specifically in chapter 5 :21-24 . It says there , I quote : Wives , submit to your husbands as to the Lord . For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church , his body of which he is the Savior . Now as the church submits to Christ , so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything (See New International Version Bible , pp .1065-1055

So , why Paul wrote this ? Has he had any anger among women ? Certainly the answer is no . Paul wrote this to convey a message that as Christ submitted to God ‘s plan in his life , we must also submit to Christ Jesus . Many readers have struggled with the advice Paul gives in the next few paragraphs . This simple sentence sets the tone for all that follow : we are to submit others because of our reverence for Christ . In other words , in any human relationship- husband and wife , child and parent , slave and master- a third party is involved , Christ himself Paul urges to conduct those relationships in light of Christ ‘s own spirit . We , as His children of light must not regard ourselves higher or better than others but in humility we should set as an example for other that through our submission to authorities , other people like couples family and etc people will see Christ dwelling in our midst and in our Spirit . Whenever you talk about the relationship between a husband and wife , you must always deal with prevailing attitudes . Our attitudes and understanding of what makes a good marriage and of the roles of husband and wife may or may not be right . Even in Christian circles , we have come to accept the attitudes of our culture without critically examining them in light of Scripture . On the one hand , there is the male chauvinist pig movement masquerading as manliness . On the other , there is the women ‘s lib feminize movement masquerading as freedom . Both are dead wrong . Our view of marriage begins with our perspective . In to avoid coming to the wrong conclusions about marriage , we must avoid the most common mistake in defining marriage

The mistake is to view marriage as merely a social institution . For non-Christians , marriage can only be a civil contract . But for Christians , there is an eternal mystery associated with marriage . The mystery is that marriage is a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church . This is the highest word concerning marriage . By understanding the mystery of marriage , that it pictures the relationship between Christ and the church , we understand the highest purpose of marriage . This purpose transcends any sociological , economic materialistic , or physical aspect of marriage . It is true that we need marriage for those reasons . We marry for companionship , to raise a family , to meet sexual needs , for economic stability , and for many other good reasons . But only Christianity gives the spiritual emphasis which brings eternal significance to this temporal union . It is this eternal and spiritual mystery which redirects our attention from a social contract to a divine union . God has chosen to symbolize the union between Christ and the church in the human marriage relationship Christ , the Bridegroom , and the church , His Bride , are on display in the relationship of a husband to his wife and of a wife to her husband . This relationship is not simply one in which we get to make the rules . The prevailing philosophies of society should never determine the ground rules for marriage . Marriage is a holy union , established by God , with a higher purpose in mind than human fulfillment . In fact , the only way we will find marriage truly fulfilling is to pull our marriages in line with that purpose . It is in this context of marriage symbolizing the relationship of Christ to His church that we are to understand the roles of husband and wife . Further , it is in the context of mutual submission described in verse 21 , which is a basic requirement for all Christians male or female , that we are to understand how Christian husbands and wives relate to one another . God instructs all Christian wives to be subject to your own husbands

The idea is carried over from the previous verse . We are all exhorted to be subject to one another in the fear of Christ and , as a first example wives , to your own husbands . The word translated be subject carries the idea of a willing submission of oneself . True biblical submission is never a forced thing . God doesn ‘t force us to submit to Him , and we can never force anyone to submit to us . True submission must come from the one doing the submitting . That is why this is a message to the wives Husbands can never make your wife submit . The more they try , the more they will produce precisely the opposite result . If they try to crack the whip , they may experience a bucking bronco . I once heard a radio preacher trying to encourage husbands . He said , Husbands , God gave you your wives to complete you — not to finish you off ‘ If you try to make your wife submit , she may finish you off ! You may begin like Rambo only to find yourself singing like Tiny Tim . If your wife doesn ‘t choose to submit , you will never force her to . The message is not from the husbands to submit , the message is from the Lord . Wives are called to submit to her husband as to the Lord . This is the true spirit of submission . Wives are not to submit because her husband demands it , but because the Lord has ordained it . Now , you can rebel against the command , but understand that you are rebelling , not against your husband , but against the Lord . Submission does not mean inferiority When our text says that the reason a wife should be subject to her own husband is because the husband is the head of the wife , as Christ is also head of the church , this does not imply inferiority . It simply reflects a God-ordained to things . God designed society to function in a certain way . He ordained authority in civil government There is a headship ‘ in civil leaders over those they govern . You see this concept of headship ‘ even in the Trinity . Although there is Spirit . We see in the Lord Jesus a submission to the Father as He ministered here on earth . When Jesus said , . the Father is greater than I , He was referring to headship , not inequality . Father , Son , and Spirit are co-equal . But each is revealed in the role they perform . So there is headship ‘ in the home . There is a divinely ordained there . Each has a role . But both are equal . So we find the concepts of equality and role to be complimentary , not contradictory . It is true that husband and wife are equal . In Christ there is neither male nor female ‘ We have all received the same salvation , and we all stand complete in Christ


1 . Ephesians 5 . New International Version Bible . Pages 1054-1055 … [banner_entry_footer]

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