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The concept of the divine being and the various characteristics and qualities that He possesses is not an easy one to comprehend or to contemplate

God is the Supreme Being with supreme qualities . This supremacy allows all to be included in the one , He is love , absolute love , and He is justice , absolute justice . We cannot think that God the loving , for example , does not have all the other sides of divinity that we can , in some cases , imagine and understand , or that we cannot , in other cases [banner_entry_middle]

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The image presented by the Old Testament , or at least some parts of it testifies to the fact that God can be the warrior , for some purposes purposes that we may understand or that we may not . On the other hand the God of the New Testament is the God of love and compassion only . Can it be the case that humans , as believers in the old as well as the new testaments , should form a conception that combines both of the two images in one ? After all , the supremacy of God allows Him to have characteristics and natures that we can not comprehend

According to Wright , Israel was victorious , not because they were marvelous fighters under a brilliant general , but because God went before Israel , threw fear into the hearts of opposition , and wrought he victory for his own purpose (84 . This clearly explains that , whenever God wanted , he would interfere in the actions of war and in the outcome of man-created conflicts . I think that God is a warrior in that context as He represents love He is the protector of love and the defender of the good against , in this case , the forces of hatred and evil

As mentioned by Wright , in the Old Testament , only divine actions are mentioned in what concerns the conquests of Israel (84 . This is a clear indication that this image cannot be denied by any believer as the holy texts simply are witness to it

Not only does Wright explain that God assisted in the battles of Israel and gave them victory , but he also states that He (God ) allowed the destruction of Israel , later on , by using Assyria and Babylon as `agents . And that , in both cases , God did what He did for a just cause (87

I find that the image of God as a warrior in the stories of the exodus from Egypt and the conquest led by Joshua (and the poetry quoted by Wright ) is a positive image I agree with Wright because I simply cannot imagine a world of love , if the God of love does interfere in some cases to protect it and to keep all the negative and evil powers away from it

There will always be some forces willing to bring destruction , hatred and death to the world we live in , and in many cases the material forces of those who represent love and good are not sufficient if not assisted… [banner_entry_footer]

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