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Religious Fundamentalism

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Religious Fundamentalism


Fundamentalism refers to the movement by a particular religious group that is opposed to the teachings of evolution and modernism . People , who spearhead the movement or support it , are called fundamentalists Fundamentalists always seek to return to the fundamentals of their religion . In the past few decades , fundamentalism in the Islamic world has grown significantly . Iran , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are some of the countries that have witnessed the growth of Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism . The rise of Islamic fundamentalism has been attributed to both the internal [banner_entry_middle]

political scenario and foreign interference in domestic politics

Reasons behind the Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism

It has been noticed that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism has been centered in Asia and Middle East . Iran is considered as the hub of Islamic fundamentalism . The colonization brought significant changes in both political and social structures of South Asia and West Asia . The social divide resulted in organized armed resistance from local Muslims They strongly opposed a section of society who attempted to adapt western culture and tradition . When the liberal group tried to modernize the economy and reform the social structure , the fundamentalists offered their resistance . Islamic revitalization was part of their resistance

When people feel threats to their culture and social structure , they resort to fundamentalist approach . Same thing happened in the Islamic countries such as Iran , Pakistan , Saudi Arabia and Indonesia . The fundamentalists were also aggrieved over the treatment meted out to their Muslim brethren in Middle East . The Israel-Palestine conflict and the US role in the conflict forced them to believe that there was a desperate attempts made by the western countries and Jews to destroy the Islamic tradition and culture . That belief led to a strong rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Western Asia

Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Iran

Iran is one of the few countries in the world , in which the political system is controlled by the dominant religious system of the country There are three elements in Iran ‘s leadership . The spiritual supreme leader “faqih ” has significant power including the control of the Judiciary and Defense forces . Second element is the executive , which consists of the office of the President . Third element is the legislature that includes the parliament (Majlis ) and the Council of Guardians (Amuzegar , 1993 : 58 . The system in Iran is not complete religious . It is a mixture of Shiite tradition and western system of democracy

The complexity of Iran ‘s political system is responsible for creating ideological , political and socio-cultural difference among people . The differences of opinions led to a confrontation between Islamic fundamentalists and liberalists . These controversies have been the source of conflicts between Iran ‘s people and their religious rulers for decades

Unlike other Muslim countries where Sunni sect holds the majority , Iran is predominately Shia Muslim . Sunnis are always considered as more radicals than the Shias . Because of the Shia majority , Iran model does not represent the fundamentalist movements . When Shia clerics assumed power in Iran , there was clash between… [banner_entry_footer]

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