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Renaissance Humanism

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Renaissance world-view can be characterized by its humanistic orientation . The objective of this work is to analyze cultural artifacts from the Renaissance showing how they reflect the values of the time and will incorporate the testimony of two experts in the field


The manner in which the expression of values that exist within a civilization ‘s culture during a time period in their production of artifacts has been [banner_entry_middle]

noted in the study of archaeologist and anthropologists who report the different religious and cultural beliefs that have been revealed in those artifacts . The artifacts of the Renaissance are no different and study of the artifacts of this time period reveals much as to the values held by those who lived at that time


In the work of Charles Paul Freund entitled : Buying Into Culture published in the June 1998 Reason journal publication is the account of how one form of Renaissance art reflects the cultural values of that time evidenced in the statement of Jardine in the work entitled “Worldly Goods ” a 1996 history of the Renaissance . Stated by Jardine is “Titian ‘s canvases of statuesque naked women in recumbent poses were regarded as learnedly symbolic by nineteenth century art historians .Only recently did contemporary correspondence come to light which showed that these works of art were painted to meet a vigorous demand for bedroom paintings depicting erotic nudes in salacious poses (Jardine , 1996 as cited by Freund , 1998

Jardine gives the account of the Duke of Urbino referred to the painting entitled : The Venus of Urbino ‘ as a `naked woman ‘ and of how that he was visited by a churchman in 1542 specifically the Cardinal Farnese who upon seeing the painting : .rushed off to commission a similarly erotic nude of his own from Titan in Venice (1996 ) To support the statement above of : .a vigorous demand for bedroom paintings depicting erotic nudes in salacious poses ‘ being the driver for these type paintings which characterize art during this time period Jardine relates the fact that when a report came concerning the progress of the painting ‘s completion : .the Papal Nuncio in Venice expressed the view that the Cardinal ‘s nude .made The Venus of Urbino look like a frigid nun . (Jardine , 1996 as cited by Freund , 1998 ) Freund makes the comment in relation to the analysis of Jardine of the Renaissance that : What we regard as “consumerist ” behavior does not begin with industrialization and the manufacture of cheap , ready-made goods it can be traced to antiquity . One revealing way to trace its past is through the proclamation through history of so-called sumptuary laws that attempted to control acquisitiveness (1998 ) Freund relates the fact that it was those selfsame laws that effectively and “expressly limited the quality of things .that any given individual was allowed to own or display ” stating additionally that these… [banner_entry_footer]

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