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A Report on the Operations of Lodestone Patient Care

Business Challenges in the New Millennium

Executive Summary

This report deals with the functioning of Lodestone Patient Care , a company dealing in diagnostic imaging services in the UK

The company , a fully owned subsidiary of DCA Group Ltd (Australia ) and a part of the I Med network has now been operating for 15 years and provides its services to private customers as well as through a Private Public Partnership through the NHS

The report deals with the operations of the company , with [banner_entry_middle]

particular reference to he functioning of the finance department , in light of the vastly changed business environment of the new century

The report examines the thinking of conventional and recent theories in management , particularly in areas of Performance and Change Management and the demands of the new business environment , which necessitate fresh and out of the box thinking for business solutions

The report attempts to apply these management theories and principles to the issues faced by Lodestone Patient Care and tries to provide practical and relevant solutions that would help the company cope with the dynamics of todays fast changing business environment


Serial Page

1 Introduction 4

Background 4

Application of B700 5

Statement of Problem 6

Purpose of Study 6

Limitations of Study 7

2 Literature review 8

Performance Management 8

Motivation and Performance 11

Current Theories in Management 12

Change Management 16

3Data Collection 18

Choice of Analytical Approach 18

Choice of Information Source 20

Population Sampling 21

4 Data Findings and Analysis 21

5 Conclusion and Recommendations 24

6 references 26 1 . Introduction


The researcher , as part of academic requirement under the B700 procedure is required to submit a detailed report on the Management of Performance and Change with reference to the specific place of work

The researcher is presently employed in the finance function of Lodestone Patient Care . Lodestone is a wholly owned subsidiary of DCA Group Ltd (Australia ) and is an integral part of the world ‘s largest private diagnostic imaging group , the I-MED Network . The company was formed in 1991 and provides diagnostic imaging services across the UK to both the private and public healthcare sectors . The company operates 20 imaging centres providing services in MRI , CT , Ultrasound , PET /CT General Radiology and Bone Densitometry

Lodestone was the first private radiology company to enter into a Public Private Partnership with the NHS and developed their first standalone primary care based radiology centre offering multi modality , digital radiology services in Bradford

The company , while being young in age has done well till now and has built its success primarily on the excellence of its service quality The company ‘s merger wit I-MED has helped in revitalising practices and in motivating practices and support staff . Lodestone will be bidding for a number of National Health Service (NHS ) outsourcing contracts , which if successful , have the potential to double the size of Lodestone once contracts commence in late 2006

The company has set a… [banner_entry_footer]

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