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Chiropractic Approach to Blood Sugar Levels


As stated in the article Chiropractic in Wikipedia the free encyclopedia , Complementary and alternative health care focusing on diagnostic treatment and prevention of mechanical diss of the musculoskeletal system and its effects on the nervous system ‘ is called Chiropractic profession . In to increase spinal strength and improve overall health , different chiropractors combine chiropractic with physiotherapy , nutrition or exercises and some others use complementary and alternative treatment methods as a holistic approach An important point to be noted here is that chiropractors never [banner_entry_middle]

prescribe drugs with an aim to pursue drug free alternative treatment

According to the article Diabetes in Wikipedia the free encyclopedia diabetes is a treatable chronic condition with persistent hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels ‘ Diabetes is classified mainly into three forms type 1 , type 2 and gestational diabetes . Autoimmune destruction of insulin producing cells leads to type 1 and insulin resistance by tissues results in type 2 and gestational diabetes

Chiropractic Approach to control Sugar Levels

According to the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1994 as stated in the Inspired News Quarterly , a group of 60 patients were divided into two groups with each of the groups following regulated diet during study . The acupuncture group received electrical stimulation of needles for 30 minutes daily for 30 days and the other group was administered well known Chinese diabetic pill Xiao Ke Wan . It was surprising to note that initially the acupuncture group showed no signs of blood sugar levels and after one month it was observed that the fasting blood sugar levels recorded were below 150 , also a marked difference in cholesterol , triglycerides and beta-lipoproteins levels was observed in them . A marked improvement in blood circulation in hands and feet was also observed in those treated by acupuncture . On the other hand those injected with insulin also recovered significantly . Thus it was concluded that the therapeutic effects of acupuncture on diabetes are similar to those of the diabetics pills , however , acupuncture excels in the prevention of complications , especially cardiovascular disease

Steven Bratman stated in the article Alternative Medicine Consult that studies by Ludvik et al confirmed that blood sugar levels could be maintained in diabetics with type 2 by the usage of caiapo , an extract of white sweet potatoes . The study of Ludvik et al also revealed that the mean cholesterol levels was lowered , no significant changes in triglyceride levels or blood pressure was observed and the long term efficacy of Caiapo on glucose control was depicted by a decrease in HbA ‘ It was concluded that neutraceutical Caiapo was useful intreatment of type 2 diabetes

Vuksan et al studies on American ginseng revealed potential benefits in people suffering from type 2 diabetes reducing the postprandial glycemia in non-diabetics and diabetics . American ginseng reportedly improves long term glycemic control of type 2 diabetes

Khan et al stated that usage of 1 ,3 , or 6 gms of cinnamon per day help reduce serum glucose , triglyceride , LDL cholesterol and cholesterol in people with type… [banner_entry_footer]

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