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Evaluation of the relative importance of oil , democracy promotion and power politics in determining American foreign policy towards Iraq and Saudi Arabia after September 11th

Focus on the three schools of thought

Realism with power politics What American Realists have set the benchmark with dealing in power politics Are we in a climate , much like that of post World War II in regard to our affairs with power politics involving the Middle East ? If so , what are the similarities in our policy with Iraq and Saudi Arabia in this post September 11th [banner_entry_middle]

era , with our policies with nations in post World War II What are examples of modern American Realists inconsistencies of Realism as a political theory Does John J . Mearsheimer ‘s “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics published in October of 2001 still hold true today with his five main assumptions of offensive realism and are we as a nation applying these principles to out current Middle East discussions and policy Has Realism in the nuclear age pivoted as much on moral principles as on power politics , and if so , what is the apparent reasoning ? If this is true is it for our own need to protect what we covet such as political superiority , safety from attack and economic supremacy ? Are we serving our id and hiding behind the shroud of enforcing global morality

Neo-Marxism with oil Assuming the school of thought of the Neo-Marxists Has the United States become more aggressive toward Iraq after it ‘s 2004 oil trade agreement with the Euro Are we as a nation attempting to use the strategies of old to suppress these oil rich , third world nations , so we may ultimately dominate trade , but never be held fully responsible for their ultimate liberty and prosperity of the common man What Neo-Marxist tactics are being used by with United States at this time in the Middle East what latest trends seem to be laden with Neo–Marxist theology What problems have been created for the Middle East , purely due to their possession of an abundance of oil and an unstable government What has been the evolution of dialectical idealism , beginning from its orgin with Plato , to the theorys of Hegel , to finally Marx ? Which is closest to the apparent theroy that drives our handeling of the oil crisis in the Middle East Does Marx ‘s dialectical materialism seem to be the more obvious platmorm in Middle East , oil focused affairs and if so , how does this contrast with Hegel ‘s idealism

Neo-conservatism with democracy promotion Are the benefits to the Iraqi people after the removal of Saddam Hussein worth the money and blood of the United States ? Do the benefits justify the amount the U .S . has spent on the removal and war effort to this point How does Neo-conservatism theology lead to social engineering and ultimately often undermine its own ends Have the main standards , near the end of the cold war , being : concern for human rights , democracy , and belief that the United… [banner_entry_footer]

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