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research method

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Doctoral Researching

Researching a for a doctoral degree is time-consuming , to say the least . The doctoral thesis is unlike any other academic . It is the longest and most comprehensive you will write . To effectively prepare to research your dissertation , you must make sure you follow the basic researching techniques

Finding a workable and interesting is your first step in research You have to have some previous knowledge of your . Make sure that your interests you , as this is the most lengthy collegiate research you will ever attempt , and you need to [banner_entry_middle]

stay motivated and interested . You should also know a substantial amount about your and have an opinion about it . For example , I might decide to research trends in reading intervention education because I am searching for the most effective strategies or feel that current strategies are ineffective and would like to come up with a new one

The next step in research is setting a tentative time line to work with and making the decision to be dedicated to the project for the duration How long is the project going to take when is it due ? What is your methodology ? How are you going to approach your research ? Will you have to travel for resources ? How much time can you dedicate per day or week to the project ? Are you willing to be flexible in case your timeline is off ? Are you ready for unexpected changes or research hang-ups ? Are you truly dedicated ? Be realistic with your timeline guide , but also be flexible . If you need to conduct interviews or observe , you will have to work around other schedules

Pre-write . Always write down ideas as they come to you , no matter where you are in your preparation for your . Writing down everything you know about your will help you prepare a research proposal , which is necessary to begin your project . You need to have a research proposal to submit , and this alone will be the first three chapters of your thesis , so you do need plenty of information for this . This pre-writing can be expanded upon and revised later . In addition , the more information that you have initially , the more you have to guide your research

When you actually begin researching , review all different forms of literature surrounding your , and photocopy the sources you would like to refer to . Be sure to gather the information for the bibliography from your source such as publication date , place of publication , year of publication , editor , and pages used . This will help avoid plagiarism as well

Keep a good system of organization . You will have several sections of your , so group information together . Use a tentative outline to get you started . Fill it in with what you already know and use side questions to help fill other relative information as you go along

Your initial research will help you focus your more toward what information is available to you and… [banner_entry_footer]

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