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research methodology and practice

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In our modern world works of art play a role which is quite different from the role they used to play in the past . Indeed , in ancient times the craftsmanship of masters who produced utensils necessary for daily needs was already the source of art , because their products were among few vehicles of self-expression . As the result , many of the objects of the ancient art that we have found are simultaneously the objects of use , like vessels for liquids , different decorated tools , etc . However with time and along with the social developments in [banner_entry_middle]

the Western world art was gradually becoming more a means of expression of our human striving for beauty as such . This process , while preserving the attraction to objects of practical utilisation endowed with artistic qualities , also lead to the separation of decorative art into a means to achieve aesthetic satisfaction . At this moment , art began to be integrated into the approaches towards creation of living spaces of human beings , and , importantly , the works of art began to be valued for their own sake . Since the times of the industrial revolution , when technologies enabled mass production , the role of art in the Western world underwent further transformation because capitalism initiated . the bringing of art . into subordinate relation (Mills 1967 ,

.374 . Since those times there appeared a tendency to perceive works of art as a kind of modern icons enclosed in museums for public viewing . Thus “the religion of art . was born (Paz , 1991 ,

.52 and art as a consecrated phenomenon has been somewhat isolated from our everyday lives . In this regard , attempts to return art to the immediate sphere of human experience represent one of the important features of modernity . One of the prominent artists who has been trying to find ways to do that is Andy Goldsworthy (born 1956 , a British environmental artist who works in the fields of sculpture and photography . In the above outlined historical context , works of Andy Goldsworthy are related to what has been known since the seventies as `land-art , the movement promoting one of the approaches to the return of art into our life through actual transformations of the surrounding world instead of only imaginary ones . For proponents of the land-art the proper canvas for art was to be found in nature that defies cultural limitations imposed on art by capitalistic and social institutions , and helps salvage art from its confinement to galleries , museums , and art shops . In nature , it was thought , art would be available to everyone , and it could be created virtually everywhere (Kastner and Wallis , 1998 , pp .10-17

In this light , what makes Andy Goldsworthy stand out is his interest in creation of art forms immersed in natural settings , but paradoxically becoming both an integral and unusual element of natural landscapes This approach allows for combination of two powerful elements of human emotions – an excitement arising form the contemplation of an artistic object , and the satisfaction of our striving for natural beauty , which is becoming increasingly prominent… [banner_entry_footer]

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