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Research On Early American History

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The document chosen is a powerful oratory , the Gettysburg Address delivered by American President Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg Pennsylvania on the 19th of November , in the year 1863


Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of the greatest American presidents . He was the 16th president of the United States and the first from the Republican Party . He is widely known for putting an end to slavery and promoting diplomacy

Coming from a humble beginning as the son of an uneducated common farmer , Lincoln [banner_entry_middle]

worked his way to the top by his own efforts . Though he was just self-educated , he became one of the most prominent lawyers Lincoln has been chosen as the Republican presidential candidate primarily because his views on slavery have been more moderate compared to his other contenders

Lincoln ‘s Gettysburg Address is one of the most quoted political speeches . This has been delivered during the American Civil War , four months after the Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg left a lasting effect in the little town of Gettysburg . Rotting bodies of thousands of soldiers and horses from the Union ‘s Army of the Potomac and the Confederacy ‘s Army of Northern Virginia made several townspeople ill . Giving a decent burial of these dead people have been the priority of the residents . One wealthy attorney , David Wills donated 17 acres of land for a cemetery to honor those who have died during the battle

Wills organized a dedication ceremony for the new cemetery on November 19 , 1863 , and invited Edward Everett , considered at that time to be the nation ‘s greatest orator , as the main speaker . Lincoln ‘s role in the ceremony had been secondary

What was considered to be the Gettysburg Address at that time was Everett ‘s two-hour oration . Lincoln , on the other hand , delivered a two to three-minute remark . At a much shorter time , he was able to appropriately summarize the war and convinced the people that no soldier should die in vain


The ceremony where Lincoln ‘s Gettysburg Address was delivered has been organized to formally dedicate the cemetery grounds to those who have risked their lives during the Battle of Gettysburg . Lincoln ‘s famous speech described the ceremony as not only to dedicate the cemetery grounds but also as an opportunity to empower the living in the continued struggle that the government of the people , by the people for the people , shall not perish from the earth

Using less than 300 powerful words , Lincoln was able to effectively invoke the principles of human equity followed by the Declaration of Independence . He was also able to successfully redefine the Civil War as not merely a fight for the Union but also as a way to bring true equality to all of the citizens

There could not have been a more appropriate setting to deliver the kind of oration that Lincoln delivered . It had been a time of great mourning . Although the Battle of Gettysburg had… [banner_entry_footer]

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