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Research Proposal

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Point of View

In Juicy Red Tomato Company case analysis , we will take the company owner ‘s point of view


Juicy Red Tomato Company (JRT , a tomato grower operating in Florida is paying attention in determining (1 ) the effectiveness and competence of its organizational structure , and (2 ) the selection and prolongation of managerial personnel stay in the company . Internal expenditures are getting higher . Also , key workforces are leaving . Lastly , the company is thinking if they are going to spread out its operations

Preliminary Data Gathering (Interview , Literature Survey p [banner_entry_middle]

Accomplished introductory interviews within the organization and investigated of the produce industry , and company circumstances with related challenges . For 15 years , the business has been operational During those years , it has full-fledged at a scale of about 5 per year For its first 10 years of the company ‘s subsistence , expenses have remained stable . But over the preceding 3 years , costs have increased by 2 .5 to 4 . Grounds mentioned by Juicy Red Tomato Company include unanticipated temperature falling off , pests , and augmented labor expenses . Management has had a tendency to come from inside the organization , as long-standing employees “rise through the ranks . Over the previous year , many long-term , key personnel have left because they think they have “no future ” waiting for them with JRT . On the other hand , Juicy Red Tomato Company is on the brink for an improved rate of growth . It is by means of potential spreading out of the business

Problem Definition (Research problem demarcated

It seems that there has been a lack of communication between manufacture and operations . Therefore , it can be concluded that at Juicy Red Tomato Company , the organizational structure needs to be more participatory and adaptable . Furthermore , there is a high need for maintenance across all levels of employees , managerial personnel , as well as frontline workers .Theoretical Framework (Variable clearly identified and categorized

In the world of innovation and alteration we are living today , one of the most important supervision challenges is fabricating more flexible organizational structures . According to Participatory Management Teamwork , and Leadership by Jaime Herrera S , an expert in human-resource development and organizational development , the participatory model of management must be established on ideology and values . It has to go along together with a statement of purpose and can materialize the foundation of a mission statement . An organization calls for an extensive , shared mental picture of the future , a distinctiveness , a standpoint with relation to its goals and how they can be achieved . It also needs a management that knows how to make everyone head to same direction and a leadership that is a propelling strength for change and which derives its power from a philosophy of absolute trust and dedication . Nowadays , organizations are switching their old vertical hierarchical formation with new horizontal or structures that are matrix based . It is connecting traditional utilities through inter functional teams , and establishing tactical agreement with suppliers , consumers and even competitors . In fact , the future company has an organizational structure that is possible to… [banner_entry_footer]

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