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Running Head : Juicy Red Tomato Company


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Juicy Red Tomato Company


Business management is a complicated effort . After the stage of planning and implementing , sometimes the company experience specific circumstances that require a change . The change could be simple and practical in nature , but it can also be fundamental and ground-shifting Within this , we will use a tomato grower company as an example of the problems that may arise in the realm of business management . Some [banner_entry_middle]

of the changes suggested to overcome the problem might be practical and other might be fundamental and philosophical in nature

Corporate Background

The company is a Florida-based tomato grower . During its 15 years of operation , the company displayed a positive trend of 5 annual growth rate in average . Cost factor has also displayed considerable stability during the last decade . Furthermore , the company has a growing market share that demands business expansion


Despite having a steady rate of growth , the company experiences several problems , which are

Increasing cost structure

In the last three years , the company experiences 2 ,5 – 4 increase in their cost structure . According to management , this is caused by unexpected temperature drop , pests , and increased labor costs

High turnover rate of low employee retention level

Key personnel of the company decided to leave the business because they `see not future ‘ for themselves working for the Juicy Red Tomato Company . Enhancing the retention level has seemed to be an important priority for the company

Communication problems

The previous consultant indicated the need to improve communication between production and operation department . The consultant believed that communication technology will help increase the quality of internal communication of the company

Opportunities of expansion

The development of the market indicated possibilities of growth . The company should consider expanding the business and take advantage of the emerging chance . However , with the problems mentioned previously , there is no guarantee that the company could perform such expansion . There is a need to fix the internal problems first , before such expansion is considered appropriate . Thus , minimizing the cost structure and enhancing employee motivation and retention are the priorities of management today

Efficient Organizational Structure

IV .1 . Stages of Organizational Structure Development

Ineffective organizational design might be contributing to some of the issues mentioned above . Effective organizational design could help management reduce administration and managerial costs , increase the quality of relationship between managerial staffs , and prepare for challenges in new markets and new business segments (Rivkin , 2000

Organizational structure is a way in which interrelated groups of an organization are constructed . The main components of the concept are communication and coordination . There are actually many development stages of the organizational structure concept within our history . The pre-bureaucratic structure era is an age where organizations lack standardization of tasks . Hierarchical structures are vary flat and communication activities are generally informal in nature

After the pre-bureaucratic stage , we enter the bureaucratic stage , where the degree of standardization is higher… [banner_entry_footer]

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