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Rhetorical Analysis

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p The descriptive layout of the Wild Turkey advertisement focuses solely on 3 horizontal sections . The top section includes the main tagline for the ad Gentlemen , check your skirts at the door . A light background is also visible in this section which makes the tagline seem more visible to an initial glance

The middle section contains glasses and bar stationary in what seems to be a pub or bar type setting . Dark colors are used to make this middle section stand out . The third section is the largest [banner_entry_middle]

of the ad . It leaves a lot of open space vacant , apart from a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon Small writing detailing the product is also slightly visible . A light colored background is used for this section to once again make the middle section appear more evident

The second advertisement , for Sky Vodka , is predominately concentrated around the visual color scheme of the actual product . A modern look from what appears to be a high rise apartment building sets the background for the interior setting which is highlighted by a young lady with a cocktail shaker . Seated below her is a man dressed in a suit , and although the majority of this man isn ‘t visible , he can be seen to be holding a vodka martini . In the foreground is the product , a blue Sky Vodka bottle , together with a vodka martini on top of a white table . A combination of dark colors (shades of blues and blacks ) are used in conjunction with the color of white in the foreground


With the earthy colors , the Wild Turkey advertisement is predominately a masculine based style of ad . The colors play an important role in determining this factor , as they tend to rely on the same blandish color scheme throughout the ad . The tagline text is a signifier that speaks to a male audience giving the message that their product is not for the faint hearted , which would also appeal to those who like to drink excessively . This advertisement speaks to a wider male audience because although the product is traditionally synonyms with older men , it also communicates to a younger generation in terms of its classy bar setting and the use of intended humor in the tagline

The Sky Vodka advertisement communicates a modern look full of class and variety . Although this advertisement would be seen to be targeted at both the male and female audiences , the simple fact that vodka martinis are more popular with the stereotypical New York upper class culture indicates that the target audience would be those who can relate to this way of life . The New York skyline in the background furthermore signifies this presumption . Overall , this advertisement generally appeals to a wide variety of audiences , such is the popularity of vodka and the highly competitive vodka industry

The texts and images in both advertisements communicate a paradigm of overall drinking culture . Whilst they are both indirectly related in terms… [banner_entry_footer]

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