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Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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A Rhetorical Analysis

What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up in Cyberspace

by Brent Staples

This article , by Brent Staples , examines some of the negative aspects of a computer-savvy nation . It does not propose solutions , but is written to make parents more aware of the environment their kids are growing up in . To that extent , the piece is slightly alarmist , despite its informal tone . The structure the author uses , as well his effort to make the article have emotional appeal , will be examined

Subject , Purpose and Tone

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subject of the article is teenagers ‘ apparent obsession with the internet . He theorizes that internet usage has resulted in a lack of social development . Kids are becoming reliant on technology in place of human interaction

The article is clearly targeted toward parents , especially those who have teenagers . Conventional wisdom was that the internet would give us access to worlds we never thought possible . The author doesn ‘t argue this , but questions whether it is actually a good thing . The unstated implication is that we should take decisive steps to limit access to the internet

At the same time , parents need to become more connected in the lives of their children . The article begins with a nostalgic tone . The writer attempts to touch the reader with something familiar , a situation in which the reader can identify . Then , somewhat abruptly , the article returns to the present day . It describes the internet world many teenagers are addicted to in negative terms

Development , Structure and Diction

It is unclear until the third and fourth paragraphs what the article is going to be about , although the title is highly suggestive . The transition from the nostalgic story to the second part of the article is intentionally stark . It attempts to draw a strong contrast between a past where parents were heavily involved , to a present where kids can operate free from parental influence on the internet . This makes it emotionally resonant for the target audience , many of whom grew up before the internet

There is a Pandora ‘s Box ‘ feeling of doom to the second part of the article . It calls on the audience to question what we have done by releasing this force called the internet on our children . The author presents , in general terms , some research supporting his point of view Specific studies are not cited . He mentions a conversation he had with a Carnegie Mellon researcher about the subject . The author also cites one book , but only in regard to the reasons teenagers are drawn to the internet . This article is primarily informal and observational . It is not meant as a technical article

After the story from the past , the article takes a general to specific format . It describes the situation generally , and then ends with the experiences of one particular boy named Marcus

The article uses a comparison between past and present . Then , a cause and effect method is used to highlight the damage socially disconnected teenagers are experiencing . The teenager Marcus… [banner_entry_footer]

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