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Richard Ford`s `Rock Springs`

Richard Ford ‘s short story Rock Springs ‘ introduces a character who unites the roles of family man and criminal – two vocations that are polarized in amount of honor they generally convey upon a person . On the one hand , Earl shows himself to be a man of honor in several ways yet alongside this his livelihood is based on larceny . Earl ‘s occupational delinquency is tainted by an uncharacteristic sense of responsibility and this unlikely relationship is made strangely possible by the fluid anonymity granted them by the transience of the highway setting . Though [banner_entry_middle]

br in this duality , Earl is able to retain a certain sense of rectitude because of the caprices of the law as they travel through different states , the strain on his relationship with his family seems gradually to increase as they progress in their journey

The introduction the author gives to the main character Earl demonstrates from the beginning the duality of this man ‘s nature where responsibility is concerned . The paragraph immediately familiarizes the reader with his problems with the law , and it also introduces his relationship with Edna , a restless woman who might at that point be considered in the light of a sidekick , or more or less [his] wife However , the harshness of these person ‘s perceived intentions toward society quickly transforms . The introduction of Edna ‘s troubles with he children and ex-husband immediately softens the reader ‘s view of her and this leads to a similar softening of Earl ‘s character as he appears to offer a certain amount of protection to Edna . Finally , it introduces an important reason for Earl ‘s moving in with Edna , which is to give [his] little daughter , Cheryl , a better shake in things ‘ The fact that this man shares with many honorable men a sense of responsibility toward his family humanizes him enough from the beginning to garner a certain amount of sympathy from the reader

The setting of the story allows the family a certain level of freedom in carrying out the deviant act of car theft . Continuous motion along the interstate grants them a changing environment and makes it possible for them always to appear (or be presumed ) innocent by any ephemeral meetings with strangers . It is also notable that they begin their journey in Montana – a state that is known for having no speed limit and which , according to the narrator , also allows persons to drink alcohol while driving . The fact that these two lawful actions are considered felonies in other states lends an air of mutability to laws . This feeling might be transferred to Earl ‘s thieving actions , and the reader might come to regard them with a certain amount of relativity . In this case , Earl ‘s respectability might be allowed to increase , and he may be seen merely as a responsible father and husband ‘ doing his best to give a good life to his family

Earl ‘s responsibility as husband and father is strained by his occupation , and this becomes more apparent as… [banner_entry_footer]

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