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Bob and Lorraine never thought that it would end that way . Their first date seemed almost like heaven on earth . The way things worked out was simply amazing . Their first acquaintance was through a friend during a dance , and soon after , they decided to go out together . There was nothing serious about it . Bob was not the man who was serious over one thing in mind , and Lorraine wasn ‘t that interested in an intense relationship . Somehow , things just happened . They had watched a [banner_entry_middle]

baseball game together and proceeded to Lorraine ‘s Aunt ‘s house to watch a video show . While watching , Lorraine was teasing Bob of his funny actions while watching the game . Giggling , Bob reached for Lorraine and tickled her . Laughing together , they wrestled each other and then , their eyes met . Bob leaned over Lorraine on the long couch whispered I love you ‘ then they kissed , just like every date ended in a fairy tale They parted that night with the thrills of the evening yet deep down inside there was a sense of confusion that could not be defined

Alone in the silence of the night and his room , Bob lay awake . His thoughts were captivated by the image of Lorraine . Those lips as sweet and soft as a marshmallow held against his lips , and those eyes as gentle as an evening shadow consumed him . Gripped with much passion , he smiled at it , but it was short-lived for the next moment bothered with what really took place . His conscience screamed and he found himself brooding at the corner of the bed . Was that love ‘ Bob mumbled to himself . Fully aware that he was not serious in the relationship nor prepared for any such kind , he knew those actions were a betrayal to Lorraine ‘s emotions and trust

On the other hand , Lorraine felt what had Bob first felt in his room Full of excitement and exhilaration with the romance , she recollected exactly how it happened . O , those gentle touch , and sweet kiss , and those eyes ‘overwhelmed , she whispered to her own self . Her thoughts brought her far more than what really took place , and how she wished the dawn would soon break and morning would come again to meet Bob . It was not long after , she fell to a sound sleep

Full of anticipation , Lorraine woke up with open arms to embrace the rays of the sun as they hit her rosy cheeks . Prancing gracefully around her room she hummed a love tuned

With a sleepless night Bob rose up from bed , wished that the night was longer , and classes would be suspended . Nevertheless , he had to go to school , and knew he would soon meet her in the lobby . What would he say to her , now that he was so unsure of the relationship , and even of himself ? How would he greet her ? These were the thoughts that gathered on his head . Raffled inside , he walked to and fro… [banner_entry_footer]

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