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First of all before investigating the details about the language used in this book learning of some aspects about the author , his ideas within the novel and may be main traits that can be outlined in general Midnight ‘s Children , for example , is Rushdie ‘s one of his finest books To understand the language of the book it should be noted that this book is surrealist fiction that somehow deals with the history of India from 1910 up to the declaration of the emergency in 1976 through the eyes of main personage . The [banner_entry_middle]

narrative framework of Midnight ‘s Children consists of a tale that in fact comprises his life story . It recalls indigenous original Indian culture , way of life within the country . Particularly we may say that the similarly orally recounted Arabian Nights . The events represented in Rushdie ‘s text are also paralleled to the magical nature of the narratives recounted in the Arabian Nights

The second narrative Things Fall Apart ‘ is a work of Chinua Achebe To my mind as for its essence it is very close to Midnight ‘s Children ‘ representing events taking pert in Africa . Its most striking and conspicuous feature is to create a complex and sympathetic portrait of a traditional village culture in Africa . The main personage is trying not only to inform the outside world about cultural traditions of one people unit , but to remind his own people of their past , their history and to assert that it had contained much of value that really had to treasured . According to his thoughts , too many Africans in his time were ready to accept the European judgment that Africa had no history at all or culture worth considering and remembering

The author also fiercely resents and show antipathy towards the stereotype of Africa as an undifferentiated and primitive land , main character rejects the idea that Africa is the heart of darkness Throughout the novel he shows how strongly African cultures vary even among themselves and how they change over time . Look for instances of these variations as you read

The language of the both novels is very simple but very dignified . When the characters speak , they use an elevated diction , whose words mean to convey the sense of Ibo speech . This choice of language was an innovative and brilliant stroke

Salman Rushdie uses narrative technique , genre and the concept of history in a very new and striking way . In Midnight ‘s Children , for example , he tries to show all these inventions in to place his story outside the euro-centric tradition of literature , narrative and history . The language is veiling and revealing some hidden hints of the author . These traditions , appearing in the colonial period of the history , have constructed a notion of universalism in literature where the classics ‘ of the western canon actually have set the of the day

The theory of history represented in Midnight ‘s Children efforts not to replace the centre in this traditional binary of centre and outskirts but rather… [banner_entry_footer]

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