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Russian Mafiya

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Russian Mafia

Comparison of History , Organization and Methods with Other International Crime Organization

Abhinav Prakash

Russian Mafia


The World confronted the clout and extent of organized Russian mafia apparently after the breakup of Soviet Union in 1990 . However , forms of organized crime in Russia existed even before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 . Russia has a surprising long history of bribery , black marketing , and crime that emanates from its feudal age (Simis , 1982 ) and extends to the present . The history of Russian organized crime can be traced to [banner_entry_middle]

400 years back (Finckenauer and Varonin , 2001 ) which was renowned by the name of `The Thieves World ‘ and flourishing at the time of last Czar of Russia (Lombard , Birth of Russian Mafia

After the communist revolution this world gained an edge when a professional criminal class developed in the soviet prisons under the rule of Stalin (Finckenauer and Varonin , 2001 . This world continued to operate under shadows in the communist rule and even gained first hand training in use of arms and organized strategy when many state prisoners were drafted in the army of USSR in World War II (Lombard

During the post war years , and especially after death of Stalin , the crime world institutionalized itself in soviet society , as its necessary component . The organized crime structure operated at three levels . The first was government politicians and bureaucratic circles second economic brokers and operators and third were professional criminals that were committed only to their own laws and regulations and the outside world mattered nothing to them (Finckenauer and Waring Challenging the Russian Mafia Mystique

USSR has immense natural resources however the economic policies of government caused unemployment , degradation in moral and ethical standards and acceptance of oblique standards in fabric of the social life . Corruption and malpractices became of the Russian daily life . The instability of USSR ‘s economy and the hardship resulting from government controlled mechanism encouraged a shadow economy and black market that secretly imported goods from European Markets and sold them to the needy people of USSR (Finckenauer and Waring . Restrictions on free trade and economic transaction had created a vast illegal market in Russia that was also instrumental in streamlining the criminal talents and made organized crime network an essential part of the Russian society and economy (Ruth , The Russian Mob

The well oiled and organized Russian criminal lobby engaged in smuggling and trafficking on extensive scales . The nature of goods ranged from antique cars to arms and nuclear fuels . These activities required tactful organizational approach , and frequently , help of criminal underworld to smoothly run the entire shadow business . The result was development of a highly efficient world of ruthless criminal operatives and strategists who could swindle many governments and laws to achieve their end

Organization of Russian Mafia

The disintegration of USSR in 1990 and the sudden departure of previous control structure unleashed the brutal force of Russian Mafia that resulted in increase in criminal activities by 7 each year (Shelley 2003 . The mafia thrived… [banner_entry_footer]

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