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Russian Role in WW1 and WW2

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The twentieth century experienced two the bloodiest in the whole history of mankind wars . These wars scarred the histories of the most countries in the world . On June 28 , 1914 in Sarajevo a murder was committed that resulted in the outbreak of the World War I . This was the first war ‘ in the history of humanity which changed the political course and destiny of majority of countries and , in particular , that of Russia Officially Russia entered in the war as a response to the actions of Austria-Hungary and Germany against its ally Serbia . It [banner_entry_middle]

is obvious that the reasons that caused the leading European countries to enter in the World War I were more serious and deeply rooted in the contemporary overall situation in the world

Long before the conflagration Europe experienced the impending conflicts related to the contradictions among great states like Germany Austria-Hungary , France , Great Britain and also Russia . Increasing economic power of Germany required redistribution of world markets , to what Great Britain fiercely opposed . French and German interests collided in boundary regions which in the long course of history constantly changed hands (Alsace and Lorraine . The Middle East was the territory were the interests of almost all countries , which longed for taking advantage of division of the collapsing Ottoman Empire interfered . This was , as a matter of fact , the struggle for global domination . Though , Russia at this point of history was a great state it did not make claim for the role of the world leader . Besides , Russia did not have serious plans for possession of colonies . The basic reason why Russia got involved into the war was the official version , declared by the government , however , of course , there were other reasons

Among those other reasons was the fact that Russia was bound in liabilities with the alliances (it was the member of the Entente together with France and Great Britain . The unilateral refusal to participate in the war threatened by a loss of world stature of Russia and meant the international isolation together with possible foreign conflict aggravation . Though , as it turned out later , the war itself was too tough for Russia . Russian domestic affairs were complicated by constant numerous social and ethnic conflicts . The war , which at fist was supposed to be brief and promised victory , later proved to be murderous and lingering . This fact even more intensified the discontent of broad masses of people and finally led to regime

Besides the specified reasons for entering war Russia also had so called military purposes . Certain groups of the bourgeoisie together with great-power Russian chauvinists welcomed Russian participation in the war as they hoped to gain the mentioned military purposes . In other words , they wanted to get hold of Turkish Straits in the Black Sea , to seize control over Galicia and Armenia . Nevertheless , these purposes still remained of local character and could be solved only incidentally depending on to what extent they did coincide with the interests of the main participators of the war . Thus , we… [banner_entry_footer]

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