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Schindler`s List

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Schindler ‘s List : Holocaust Portrayal


In Steven Spielberg ‘s Schinder ‘s List , the events are depicted in the Hollywood style narrative dramatization of the Holocaust events . The film offers representation of the real characters based on the true story in the emerging popular cultural discourse about Holocaust . The film has images of graphic violence depicting camps at Plaszow and Auschwitz , offers individualized focus on the two German characters – Goeth and Schindler , collective portrayal of Jews and uses realistic narrative filmmaking conventions to describe Holocaust . As such , our analysis [banner_entry_middle]

of events as portrayed in Schinder ‘s List will be conducted following the three patterns : character and life of the major heroes – Goeth and Schindler , collective portrayal of Jews in terms of whether Steven Spielberg managed to recreate the real spirit of Holocaust , and historical events

Schindler ‘s List and History

Schindler ‘s List , the Academy Award-winning movie of 1993 , is based on the book Schindler ‘s Ark by Thomas Keneally . The movie settings are September 1943 , when Polish army has been defeated by Germans within only 3 days and the World War II started all over Europe . Oskar Schindler , a not very successful entrepreneur , arrives at Krakow intending to initiate manufacturing of goods for German army using slave Jewish labour (Tighe , 2001 . Being a member of the Nazi Party , he sets out to acquire an enamelware factory producing pots , pans , and cooking materials . Having hired Itzhak Stern to initiate contacts with underground Jewish business community , Schindler soon enjoys fast profits pleasing the Nazis and filling own pockets . Soon after , Amon Goeth arrives in Krakuw in to start construction of a labour camp in Plaszow . During the liquidation of the Ghetto , Schindler sees a girl in a red coat and starting this moment his system of values is turned upside down . From now and on , Schindler is putting every effort to save as many Jews as he can . When an arrives from Berlin to dismantle Plaszow , destroy bodies of those killed and move the entire population to Auschwitz , Schindler bribes Goeth to let him move his workers to Zwittau-Brinnlitz , in Moravia , away from Holocaust . Schindler now has not only men and women , but elderly and children in his factory , whom he manages to save . The remainder of earned capital Schindler spends on bribery of Nazi officials to save as many Jews as possible . As a profiteer from slave labour , Schindler had to flee from the Red Army leaving his people . In the final scene , a man places a rose at the grave of Schindler (Gelly , 1997

When viewing the movie from the historical perspective – events described by Spielberg are in chronological and portrayed exactly as they happened in real life some 50 years ago . While there is no significant shortcoming from this perspective , when it comes to analysis of major characters portrayal , the situation is more complex

Character and Life of Goeth and Schindler

Movie omits a number of details about life of Oskar Schindler . Schindler was not… [banner_entry_footer]

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