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Upon assumption of her post as State Secretary , Condoleeza Rice has taken steps to bring the State Department under her control . As part of the broad restructuring of the diplomatic corps and under the guise of transformational diplomacy , Rice has shifted hundreds of Foreign Service positions from Europe and Washington to difficult assignments in the Middle East and elsewhere . As evidence of her aim for transformational diplomacy , Rice has even gone to the extent of announcing that diplomats will not be promoted to senior ranks unless they accept assignment in dangerous posts [banner_entry_middle]

or gain expertise in at least two regions

Even though this move by the State Secretary has been viewed as overwhelming at the least , it has proven nevertheless that Secretary Rice is serious in giving diplomacy and the foreign service a new focus Whereas diplomats and foreign service personnel focus more on career advancement and development , Rice ‘s issue of this prerogative as State Secretary , to indeed has improved the administration ‘s views on foreign policies . Ultimately , it is estimated that about one-third of the 6 ,400 foreign service positions will be affected in the coming years because of this

However , it could be said that Rice ‘s plans are just part of a grand plan to have broader authority over a range of foreign assistance and policy programs thereby ending in politicizing of foreign assistance For instance , Rice ‘s plan of restructuring US foreign assistance and elevating the USAID post , specifically the nomination of Randall L Tobias as the new administrator of the U .S . Agency for International Development , would give the former a rank equivalent of deputy secretary of State . This move is obviously intended to draw the agency closer to the department although it short of a merger between USAID and the State

Moreover , this will give the director broader authorities over a variety of foreign assistance accounts that are managed by separate entities As Jim Bishop opined , We ‘re concerned that the same priority won ‘t be given to long-term development as resources are siphoned to support shorter-term diplomatic or military objectives (Bishop

But it cannot be denied that this restructuring will definitely have ramifications to the diplomatic corps and the State Department as a whole . While it is good that as State Secretary has taken steps to give diplomats the wide experience and expertise in foreign relations before being promoted to a senior rank , such move has subsequently declared to the whole world that the State Department is run by an iron fist

I believe that this management policy would later on prove detrimental to the State Department as there would be thousands of foreign service personnel who will be affected by this . Instead of being able to focus on the foreign policies advanced by the diplomats , they might rather focus on how to keep their posts and their career . This would mean lesser accomplishment for the promotion of US foreign policies

As Rice has been continuously promoting the idea of… [banner_entry_footer]



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