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Scope of practice SCOPE OF PRACTICE , ISSUES IN HEALTH POLICY /LEGISLATIONAND CHALLENGES OF THE ACUTE CARE NURSE PRACTITIONER ROLE `Scope of Practice , Issues in Health Policy /Legislationand Challenges of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Role` [Client Name]

[Institute Name] Abstract This defines the role of acute care nurse practitioner and the challenges it is facing today . It includes a detailed history of the role and its scope of practice today under the State Practice Acts Relevant examples are also mentioned to further clarify the scope of the [banner_entry_middle]

ACNP role .History of Role The ACNP role focuses on treating adults who are acutely or chronically ill . These may include those patients who are hospitalized or in an emergency case . Emphasis is on stabilizing the individual ‘s condition minimizing acute complications , and restoring the individual to maximum health (Schira , 1997 ) It focuses on special scope of practice and specialization where the ACNP renders their services . Another important factor regarding the ACNP role is that these professionals perform their services in the inpatient setting (Schira , 1997

ACNP ‘S gain at least a graduate degree and then further acquire the necessary training to perform in one or more specialized field . Their training and education encompasses the study of the area or society where they are going to work and the type of inhabitants residing in that particular geographical area . ACNPs usually receive on-the-job training and they are directed by the respective physicians who guide them with regard to different cases . The patients with whom the ACNPs deal are basically sufferers of multiple complex problems (Schira 1997

These practitioners help in the early and permanent recovery of patients . Unlike normal nurses , they give extensive time to a single patient who helps in building communication , gives the patient a feeling of being under constant attention by a caring individual and results in great quality health care of the patient . Due to the license and certificate programs , ACNPs are allowed by law to prescribe medical treatments to a patient . Their performance and presence in the field of medical science has led to a new concept patient management ‘ which includes taking utmost care and responsibility of the patient from the time of their admission to the hospital till they are discharged . It also includes keeping a regular check on the patient ‘s recovery even after they are home and getting along with their daily pace of life (Schira , 1997

Licensure vs . Certification A registered nurse (RN ) or licensed practical nurse (LPN ) sometimes called a licensed vocational nurse ) — is individually licensed in a particular by testing that validates she /he has acquired the basic knowledge required for safe practice (Barnum , 1997 ) It is basically the process of granting a license for the nurse to practice her profession in a particular state or locality . Licensing implies that a test is held in which the nurse ‘s knowledge is examined and it is concluded that she has the basic understanding of her job and may practice it efficiently… [banner_entry_footer]

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