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Segregation in Schools (MENDEZ VS. WESTMINSTER) CASE

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Segregation in Schools- A Contemporary Analysis

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When studying the Civil Rights struggle of the United States over the decades , even the most cursory study of an American history and /or legal text will quickly reveal the details of Brown v . Board of Education which is universally acknowledged as the pivotal court case in the desegregation of the American public school system . However , a closer examination of source material will show that an earlier case , Mendez v Westminster , addressed many of [banner_entry_middle]

the same legal and civil rights issues yet never received the attention that the Brown case received , neither immediately after both cases unfolded nor in the retrospect of history Determining exactly how and why this has occurred makes for fascinating legal and historic research and discussion

In this , the Mendez and Brown cases will be compared , analyzed and discussed to provide a better understanding of the how and why two similar cases were handled and are commemorated in vastly different ways

Circumstantial and Legal Comparison of Brown and Mendez Cases

A fuller understanding of the Brown and Mendez cases is obtained when both cases are described and compared not only by the actual details of these cases , but also by a legal examination of both

Mendez v . Westminster , the 1947 school segregation case that set precedent in the California state court system , was revolutionary not only for the issues that it addressed , but also for the legal reaction to the ruling , which sent a loud and clear message regarding the question of minority integration into the California school system immediately following World War II , which obstensibly was a time when all Americans were supposed to unite and promote freedom for all peoples . Mendez v . Westminster , simply stated challenged the exclusion of Mexican-Americans from the public school system in several communities of California . Ultimately , a California superior court ruled that the segregation of the schools was unlawful and ed that the schools be segregated forthwith . The sad truth , however , is that this court ed mandate was all but ignored by the California public school system , keeping Mexican Americans on the fringe of mainstream America and deprived of the quality education that others from selected ethnic /racial groups enjoyed (Menchaca , 1985

In stark contrast to the Mendez case , Brown v . Board of Education , the 1954 United States Supreme Court ruling to allow African-Americans the right to attend public schools without discrimination , had a very different impact than did Mendez . The Brown case , actually a combination of a variety of civil rights litigation over the years leading up to 1954 declared that separate but equal ‘ schools for African Americans was illegal and deprived those individuals of fundamental Constitutional rights (Klarman , 2004

On the surface , the Mendez and Brown cases appear to be almost identical , but a closer look reveals the opposite . Where Brown was enforced , obeyed , and maintained as an important legal landmark in the American civil rights movement , Mendez… [banner_entry_footer]

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