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“Self awareness contributes to better communication between individuals”

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Self awareness contributes to better communication between individuals


The old philosophical dictum Know Thyself ‘ is an example of a great truth that does not lose its significance when time goes by Self-awareness remains a critical component of communication between individuals , contributing to the ability of people to build cooperation and create a mutually stimulating atmosphere . Understanding of one ‘s own strengths and weaknesses is a challenge that has to be overcome in the contemporary competitive environment that requires of a person the complete mobilisation of resources of a person [banner_entry_middle]

p The process of increasing self-awareness is crucial to the improvement of professional competence of the members of an organisation , and therefore building individual self-awareness is an important factor in improving overall organisational effectiveness (Croswell , Holiday 2004 . An organisation consisting of self-aware individuals will be able to create better communication channels that will contribute to its success . Awareness in individuals in the interwoven web of relations within an organisation becomes a prerequisite of successful collective experience , as it is as always directly dependent on the features of individual members as much as organisational structure and culture . At this point , researchers often claim that the most critical knowledge for a manager ‘s career in the new economy may be self-knowledge (Parks , Zhao , 1995 ,

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The Nature of Self-Awareness and Its Influence on Communication

Self-awareness refers to the recognition of personal strengths and weaknesses in an individual and results in the construction of a more or less realistic picture of oneself as a personality . With almost all individuals , their own self-perception will exhibit differences from the views of other individuals on their relative abilities , and self-awareness is supposed to bridge this gap . It therefore is a process of continuous self-exploration that can continue for a lifetime

The degree of truthfulness with which a person conceives of one ‘s own strengths and weaknesses may vary from one individual to another affecting a person ‘s ability to see objectively own faults and capitalise on advantages . In general , self awareness can be manifested in positive feelings of achievement or feelings of incompetence or underachievement (Jambunathan , Norris , 2000 , 91 . Perception of incompetence in a specific area will force a person undertake actions to correct the inadequacy . The same refers to communication : individuals who perceive problems in their communicative skills and are able to locate these gaps will find it easier to correct them , in this way boosting their communicative ability

Communication and self-awareness exert mutual influence . Thus , many psychologists theorize that one ‘s self has a large interpersonal component (Weiss , 2001 , 34 . However , self-awareness is not only constructed by the process of interaction with other individuals it is also exerting serious influence on such process . In part , it does so by being linked to individual self-esteem that affects communication within professional groups and can impact chances of a career success . A person with successfully developed self-awareness will be able to better position oneself in relation to the group , correctly identify the possibilities within such a group… [banner_entry_footer]

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