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African American Literature

May 18 , 2006

I really enjoyed the interview with Ed Bullins . It ‘s odd because he is this big guy that reminds me of a football player . He has a deep voice and I guess I didn ‘t see him as someone who wrote so well . I don ‘t know what I expected him to seem like . Bullins seemed like he could intimidate anyone and he definitely had a presence while giving his interview . I thought it was really interesting for someone with so much [banner_entry_middle]

success took the time to come and talk to us at the college . He said he has written over 50 plays and had a lot to say about African American theater . It is inspiring that you have someone like Bullins who had very little in his life and then he decided to change it . He talked about how he used to be a janitor and studied economy . Now he was one of the most respected playwrights ever . One thing he talked about was having African American theaters which perform only African American plays . I had never really considered or knew about separate theaters for different types of plays . I know there are theaters that perform only Shakespeare

He talked about his play The Taking of Miss Janie ‘ which was a really shocking play . It is about rape and black and white romantic relationships . He is considering turning that play into a musical but he is not sure how it would actually work . But at Northeastern he decided to try it and now the play is called Janie ‘s Song . Bullins says it is going to be sort of like an opera or serious musical

Bullins used to only write stories and poems . Then he saw this play called Dutchman ‘ and he was really inspired by it . He joined this writing group and then he got involved with politics . This was when he first wrote How Do You Do ‘ The Rally ‘ and other plays . These plays were performed at black theaters in Harlem . He won a number of awards called Obies . These are awards for play writing

There were a couple of questions asked by the audience the first question was What is black theater and how important Minstrelsy back in 1800 ‘s to represent black theater and how does it represent you (Ed Bullins . Bullins response was that Minstrelsy is debated . This is because some people see it as a positive cultural aspect of African American while other see it as negative . It did help black people during the 1820 -1940s , be employed and have money for their families Much of Bullins work can be consider Minstrelsy . The same is true with David Osy ‘s work . Another question was The ethics notions , like Broke which they tried to make a heroic figure as a artist , what did you get from him (Ed Bullins ‘ Bullins response was that he was pioneer and that that Broke , while his opportunities were limited , tried… [banner_entry_footer]

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