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Session Long Project

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Company overview

The recruiting company called Initiative . Founded in 1991 , it is a medium sized firm , which employs 15 people . The company is situated in Green Bay , WI . The main services that Initiative ‘ offers are

Searching for potential candidates to fill clients ‘ vacancies

Holding preliminary interviews with candidates

Developing HR strategy for the client (primarily for small firms or start-up enterprises with no experience

Organizing teambuilding seminars for clients

The main customers of Initiative ‘ are medium-size companies which are actively developing . However , there are also several clients who represent [banner_entry_middle]

solid well-known companies . Initiative ‘s ‘ business credo is Experience and devotion to make you feel the difference

Considering that the company operates in the large segment (customers are small and medium-sized firms , which are multiple in the city , the competition is very intense . Therefore , in to survive and ensure competitive advantage , Initiative ‘ offers additional complimentary services such as strategic HR planning and teambuilding seminars for its clients . Moreover , there is a discount scheme for any company that worked with Initiative ‘ at least once

The organizational structure of the company has a matrix form . There are two general managers , 7 consultants , 4 researchers who are grouped in a team depending on the project . There are also Accountant and Assistant Accountant who work separately

serving all the projects without exception

Break-even Analysis

Initiative ‘ is a recruiting company , which means that its core competence is to provide services – fitting clients ‘ needs for certain type specialists . For services companies it appears to be quite difficult to determine the break-even point , since it is hard to classify the costs and attribute them to specific revenues . However , it is important to chose an activity of the company and try to analyze it in to find a break-even point

For Initiative ‘ such activity will be finding one candidate (say financial analyst ) for the customer to fit the position . The time period of search is limited to one month . The main inputs into the activity are

Time ( days

The number of people working on the project (The more people working the more costly it is for the company

Utilities and conveniences , mainly Internet and phone connection

In this case , fixed costs for the company are salaries of employees working on the project . Variable costs are the costs of utilities and different supplementary materials , pens etc ) The revenue is the amount of money (in ) Initiative ‘ gets for the appropriate financial analyst the client accepts . The unit of measurement is /day (costs /days of work on the project : how costly is one day of working on the project or simply days . Obviously , the less time Initiative ‘s ‘ team spends on the project , less costly it would be in terms of variable costs

The break-even point will be when Revenue TC (Fixed Variable costs where

VC VC /day days

VC /day 95 , FC 1800 Revenue — 3500 . All figures attributes to one month period . Break-even point (days (Revenue – FC /VC /day 18 days It means that efficient for the… [banner_entry_footer]

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