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Sever and persistent mental illness

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Severe and persistent mental illnesses

October 13 , 2006

Severe and persistent mental illnesses

Severe and persistent mental illnesses

Mental illnesses have been categorized into groups according to their common symptoms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diss , compiled by the American Psychiatric Association . The manual categorizes mental illnesses into several categories which are as follows Developmental diss , Psychotic diss , Mood diss Anxiety diss , Factitious diss , Disassociative diss Sexual and Gender Identity diss , Memory diss , Cognitive diss [banner_entry_middle]

, Eating diss and Personality diss . Most of the diseases included in these categories are persistent and severe and have an intense effect on every aspect of an individual ‘s life

Developmental Disabilities

The first category , Developmental Disabilities consists of mental illnesses which cause severe life long disabilities , diseases like mental retardation , epilepsy , cerebral palsy , are included in this category . There are many causes for developmental disabilities for example , growth or nutrition problems or drug misuse during pregnancy Developmental Disabilities are evident before the age of 22 . Mental retardation is of the major diseases included in this category , mentally handicapped children have slow developing motor and language skills and usually have an IQ level well below the normal level

People with developmental disabilities have trouble leading a normal life as they do not have the capacity for self independence or self sufficiency and require constant care

Psychotic diss

In Psychotic diss perception and thought are severely affected people with psychotic diss usually have fits of paranoia they might hallucinate or be delusional . Psychosis is particularly related to Schizophrenia and bipolar dis and severe clinical depression Causes of psychosis include drug abuse and intense mental stress . People with psychotic diss have to be kept under constant observation and are usually confined to mental institutions as they loose insight and their grip on reality and consider their hallucination or delusions to be real

Mood diss

Diseases included in mood dis category are major depression and bipolar diss , as mentioned earlier bipolar is also included in the second category of mental illnesses but does not necessarily cause a psychotic episode it might simply refer to intense mood swings switching from mania to depression whereas in depression a person completely withdraws from the world looses interest in things in which he had prior interest , sociability is also affected by this dis , the patient may have thoughts of suicide or attempt suicide

Anxiety diss

Anxiety diss include various fears , phobias and nervous conditions diseases like panic dis , obsessive compulsive dis are categorized under anxiety diss . They maybe caused due to a disturbing event . All the diss in this category greatly affect the quality of life of an individual as they include all kinds of phobias

Factitious diss

People having factitious diss , fake symptoms of a particular disease either physical or psychological they may even self induce the symptoms in to either avoid negative situations or gain favor or sympathy

Disassociative dis

A person suffering from a disassociative dis… [banner_entry_footer]

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