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Sexual Education in Public Schools

March 18, 2016 | Author: | Posted in human sexuality, social sciences

Sexual Education in Public Schools

Sexual education in public schools is a exhausted by debates There are two schools of thought regarding this issue . One of them claims that it should not be allowed as it is immoral and the other who thinks that is it necessary to inform the child of today about the dangers he or she might be exposing themselves to . The lessons that are given to children of age 14 at schools in the USA are those propagating patience , and waiting for the person of the opposite sex to [banner_entry_middle]

mature sexually , and respecting his or her sexuality . In Britain , however , the age old debate lies within the argument that the system of sex education ought to teach children . The ground reality is that probably fewer than 10 percent of American school-children are exposed to anything approaching a meaningful sex education (Gordon 22 .However one must keep in mind some of the generally known statistics which state that 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981 , 38 million adults and 2 .3 million children were living with HIV at the end of 2005 and Africa has 12 million AIDS orphans . Moreover Young people (15-24 years old ) account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide more than 6 ,000 become infected with HIV every day . In light of such statistics one can only think that maybe they should educate the children about the dangers that they might be exposed to and how they should prevent themselves from acquiring such dangerous and deadly venereal diseases

People that are inclined to religion often feel that it is unethical to teach children about sex and give them such knowledge regarding sexual education . Some of the more conservative parents feel that by telling them about the safe ways to indulge in sex , they are actually encouraging them to indulge in such activities . All the religions of the world condemn pre-marital sex whether it is Christianity , Judaism or Islam , three of the major religions of the world . These people closely believe that all laws that are prescribed in their religious books are a direct command from God and thus they should not in any way encourage children to opt for pre-marital sex . According to them the only knowledge that should be imparted to the young regarding this is that pre-marital sex is forbidden and they should practice abstinence On the other hand there are those who wish to teach their children about sexual education . They advocate that public schools should have a program to educate their children and teach them how to practice safe sex so that they are not exposed to life threatening diseases . Their argument to the religious people is that regardless how much one tries to keep their children away from pre-marital sex , it is not possible to keep away all of them . Their point of view is that prevention is better than cure and thus the youth should know how to prevent themselves from acquiring… [banner_entry_footer]

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