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Sexual Offenders

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Sex Offenders

Fear is the natural human emotion , the one that gives men the opportunity to retrieve when they feel they are in danger and that keeps people from the unreasonable actions . But it ‘s well known that when fear becomes constant it ruins the human ‘s personality , and deprives him /her of the chance for happy living . Fear for the physical safety of the person himself or herself , or of her relatives and friends is one of the worst kinds of fear , as most of the contemporary people feel themselves helpless [banner_entry_middle]

and unprotected from the person who wants to hurt them physically

For lots of people sexual offence is the worst kind of physical offence , as it is still considered to be somehow “shameful ” in our society . Sexual offence is a most people are afraid and ashamed to talk about with their friends and family , not even mentioning the officials or the specialists able of helping them . This is maybe the reason for which sexual offenders are despised in all of the communities worldwide

The scientists , psychologists , social workers and medical workers express various opinions on the punishment , which should be laid on sex offenders . They offer the variety of alternatives , beginning from psychological treatment and ending with paroling and chemical castration . But the recent experience shows that all of those methods are insufficient , as they do not influence the rate of repeated crimes after the molesters are let out . The thing is that sadism , masochism and pedophilia , from which the sex offenders almost always suffer , are sexual diss which are very hard to treat , and Zigmund Freud emphasized they was incurable . The only way to indemnify our relatives friends and ourselves from those people , is to lock them somewhere , for not to let them see the objects of their lust

Katy Butler says in her article Beyond the Bogeyman in Psychotherapy Networker , that “The Social Organization of Sexuality–the landmark 1994 study of American sexual practices spearheaded by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC ) and University of Chicago professor Edward Laumann–found that 17 percent of its adult female informants and 12 percent of its male informants said they ‘d been touched sexually (90 percent genitally ) by at least one adult before they turned 14 ” It means that at least 23 .8 million adult American women and 16 .7 million men were sexually abused as children . Karen Crummy in her article in Boston Herald says that the study conducted in May 2000 proved that over half of the sexual assault crimes are against children , and the majority of the wrongdoers are the members of the kid ‘s family or people close to the family

Lets compare this number to that of the registered child molesters . For example , in Idaho there were 2 ,562 registered sex offenders in 2005 (Worst Molesters Unsupervised . After prison , Idaho ‘s violent sex Spokesman Review , The (Spokane , 2005 . Even if we presume that one molester is capable of hurting dozens of children throughout his lifetime… [banner_entry_footer]

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