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Short report: Literature and Philosphy

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Essay 29 September 2006

Essay : Literature and Philosophy


What is truly philosophical knowledge ? What applications (and /or implications ) can it have in relation to life ? Compare the approaches of Strepsiades and Socrates in The Clouds , with the views attributed to Socrates in Plato ‘s Apology . Compare to the image of wisdom that can be discerned in George Eliot ‘s Silas Marner

Executive Summary

Since the beginning of time , the meaning of life has been pondered , as have the surroundings of human beings in their world . As a result , the [banner_entry_middle]

br development of true philosophical knowledge emerged from deep thinkers such as Socrates in ancient times , and George Eliot in a more modern context . The essential bottom line , as is detailed in this essay , is that the ability to adapt , reason , and stay alive lies at the core of all that exists , and without it , the world itself would cease to exist as we know it


I am going to answer this question from several different points of view the concept of philosophical knowledge will be considered from the classical perspectives of Strepsiades and Socrates , as well as the consideration of Socrates in Plato ‘s Apology . To draw a modern parallel to the ancient perspective , Eliot ‘s writings , particularly Silas Marner will be introduced into the discussion and analysis

Summary of Philosophical Theme /Theory /System

To begin , the philosophical nuances that surround the consideration of an accurate answer to this question must be summarized and presented On the highest , most cursory level , the general premise of philosophical thought is that everything that exists is relative , which means that truth , beauty , and even the concepts of right and wrong are based more on the whims and fictional assumptions of the human mind than by some sort of cosmic force that regulates everything and keeps all in (Wilson , et al , 1998 . Taking this consideration to the next level there are also assertions in existence that science itself is a loose tapestry of known fact , woven throughout the perceptions and interpretations of people themselves . This being said , the impact of true philosophical knowledge on life is noteworthy , for if it is true that everything that exists is open to interpretation , the very meaning of life can be brought into question for example

Contrasting contemporary viewpoints of philosophy can also help to bring the consideration of true philosophical knowledge to the forefront in comparing Aristophanes ‘ classic work The Clouds ‘ with Socrates ‘ Plato ‘s Apology , the full dimension of the philosophical mindset emerges

For example , in The Clouds , a simple country dweller , Strepsiades through a somewhat humorous turn of events , soon finds himself as a student of Socrates . As a result of this exposure to the Socratic Method and mindset , Strepsiades is indoctrinated in the process of thought that everything that exists has some degree of interpretation by the individual within it , and that there are no absolutes in science nature , or the material world (Sorum , 1999 . This ends up to be quite… [banner_entry_footer]

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