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Siddhartha has been considered a quest novel.There are four stages to Siddartha`s quest. what are these four stages and why are they integral to the journey?

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Siddartha ‘s life-from birth to enlightenment to death – is entwined with scriptures based on his teachings together they form the essence of the Buddhist tradition . Siddhartha set out on his quest at a time of great spiritual ferment in India , when ascetic philosophers and wandering sages were debating fundamental questions that remained central to the Indian religious traditions through subsequent centuries

Four stages to Siddartha`s quest

Siddhartha undertook a quest that was split into four main parts . These are understanding , escape from “self , knowledge of “self , and wisdom (enlightenment . The [banner_entry_middle]

first part , understanding , involved him living with his father who was a brahmin . Siddhartha realized that he made everybody else happy but that he himself was not . He also got the feeling that he had already learned the best of what his teachers had to teach but it still was not enough . He still was not satisfied . It was after meditating with Govinda that he realized what he had to do . In an attempt to reach the arrow ‘s goal , he would leave his father to join the Samanas who he thought had the secrets to finding the “self

With the Samanas , Siddhartha learned many ways to escape the “self . He would do this through meditation , abandonment of the body , fasting , and the holding of breath . He abandoned his body through these ways many times but would still always come back to being Self and Siddhartha . He would come back to feel the torment of that life cycle . Siddhartha soon found out that he was , in fact , going in circles . He saw that he was not gaining any knowledge from temporary escape but he would come back and find everything as it was before . This caused him not to believe in the Samana ‘s practices and eventually resulted in Siddhartha leaving the Samanas to find spiritual enlightenment elsewhere

The third stage in Siddhartha ‘s quest was the knowledge of “self Siddhartha thought that if he were to just follow the teachings and not experience them for himself that he would deceive himself into believing that he was at peace when he actually was not . He decided to leave his friend and find his “self ” through experience . It was afterwards when he had on his own the spiritual awakening

The fourth stage in Siddhartha ‘s quest was wisdom (enlightenment Siddhartha came to the river wanting above all to gain experience himself . He did not know then the importance of the river . When he was there , there was a ferryman who said “Certainly , I have learned that from the river too everything comes back . All he wanted to do was put an end to his painful life but right when he was about to , he heard a sound that he had remembered from his childhood- “Om . It was remembering of the indestructibleness of life that marked another new beginning for Siddhartha . He now knew that time was irrelevant and that “the world of appearances is transitory . Now he was making a… [banner_entry_footer]

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