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Social Identity

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The Essence of Who I Am and Who I Will Be

A Matter of Social Identity


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Rick Edelman (2002 ) stated in his book `Discover the Wealth within You that there is a great need to focus on our future . To be truthfully motivated , ready in becoming wealthy , living a healthy and balanced life , and knowing what you really want with your wealth and life . are the basic steps that Edelman instigated in his book [banner_entry_middle]

. Wealth , according to Edelman , should not be seen as an end in itself , but as means of achieving life-long dreams and goals while living an optimistic kind of life . The writer has been very concerned with what the mind can do Despite the occurrence of change , people are capable of pursuing dreams and visions that build – and are being built – by the identity

The word `identity ‘ refers to how we see ourselves as a person , how we correlate with other people , how we see ourselves through the eyes of a stranger . It predominates our senses and our actions , so that how we think , work , and act all goes down to the basics of what our self-identity is . Because of this , identity carries with it huge power over us , despite the fact that , for most of the time , we are unaware of how it influences us in our everyday lives here on earth . How does my identity change ? Do I have the power to influence my future identity These are the questions that the writer shall try to answer at the end of this . By then , I would be able to understand more of who I really am , and what I can do to fulfill my goals and my vision . True there is a need to believe in oneself when faced with a troubling circumstance . but how Main Body

The Social Identity Theory

Tajfel ‘s social identity theory states that group identification and categorization are `generic processes ‘ that are factual and customary in the everyday strum of reality (Jenkins 21 . There are group or collective identifications when being a part of the external `intergroup ‘ relations , and these identifications usually lead to categorizing the society – as it is being put in a black box where everyone is defined according to how other people perceive them to be When we interact with other people , we are being categorized externally according to the identity that they have formed out of what they see and hear in reality . However , there are times when the interpretation does not match or correspond with reality . The human world is acting the role of an arbitrator , and whether or not the statement is true , we are already being defined and sorted out

As stated by Jenkins (2004 , Individual identification emphasizes uniquely embodied differentiation (79 . Individuals are labeled and assorted , as if we are about to be displayed in a junk shop of used and unused tools . The way of the world… [banner_entry_footer]

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