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Social Security Benefits

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Am I entitled to Social Security Benefits






Section One : Introduction

The national debate about society and it ‘s future rages on and continues to be a point of interest and discussion in the United States from the floors of Congress to the corner coffee shop . In recent years social security has been used as a campaign tool and a fear device to persuade citizens to get out and vote . Social security benefits is one of the defining characteristics of a civilized nation . Unfortunately [banner_entry_middle]

br there are people who are simply unaware of the benefits offered and who is entitled to these national benefits . My grandparents , like other immigrants , were unaware of the governmental aid given to working Americans in the United States . They lived , worked , and contributed to the United States for over tens years . They worked hard , and paid their taxes , and grew old . Due to the onset of old age and medical problems both my grandparents spent a good part of their last two years in the hospital suffering from severe heart disease . This debilitating heart condition forced frequent ambulance calls and demanded mandatory exams and surgeries . My parents , who lived in X during this time , were also unaware of the national social security benefits my grandparents were entitled too . They were forced to pay for the enormous medical bills which created not only financial but emotional hardship for my family . As I grew older I understood that my grandparents could have received many types of benefits if we had researched and been full educated about the social security benefits available to us

There are millions of Americans receiving Social Security benefits and the people who pay taxes in this nation should know which benefits they qualify for . The Social Security program , in the United States , has been extremely successful . Many people know what the Social Security is , but not specific details that can apply to their lives . I would like to explore the history and evolution of social security , how the current system works , and the benefits that are available to all Americans . Do you know where social security started and how it has developed into the system we know today ? Do you know what kind of Social Security benefits the government offers ? And how they work ? Are you eligible for these benefits ? I wanted to research these essential questions about Social Security benefits because sooner or later my parents and I are going to receive them

Section Two : Research

I started my research at the Barnes and Noble store . There were tons of books that provided a great deal of information about social security These books helped me find direction in my research . Among the others a couple of the books that were very helpful for my research were Social Security Benefits Handbook and Nolo ‘s Guide to Social Security . Which suggested that I locate the Social Security home page on the internet It was here that I found most updated information… [banner_entry_footer]

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