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Changing American family System and its effect on the Children

In the past 30 years American Family System has transformed dramatically . Going bit back . In the primitive society , before the 19th century , when most people lived on farms and villages , the mother was the primary caretaker for her family . Fathers were responsible for the socialization of their children and thus directly involved in the child rearing

The move away from the self-sufficient agricultural units fundamentally altered the functions of the family and thus the particular role of the each member [banner_entry_middle]

. The industrial revolution created an urban rush . This created a situation where men worked away from home . Woman and children participation in the family ‘s economic status declined and woman took on more child rearing responsibilities . Individuals no longer depended on the action or role of others for their own survival or prosperity . This new social configuration helped women ‘s entry into paid work force where they no longer had to trap in marriage for financial help alone This financial independence slowly made women confident , where she started to bear and rear children even without considering marriage This unusual family situation , where interpersonal communication and respect for each other has Abuse and Domestic violence and the worst affected party in this whole bargain is the children . Statistics have shown that forty to fifty percent children today will reach the age of eighteen without having both biological parents . Divorce and all other unusual family situations negatively affect children . Daughters that grow up out of these divorce family are more likely to have a child out of wedlock and divorced as well , also there is more chances of delinquency , problems in peer relationship and lack of school performance . The boys on the other hand become more aggressive and violent . Many times these children have to deal with economic hardship due to unstable financial condition of the parent who has custody of them . This makes the situation , which is likely to have more crime and violence . In the same way the changed family situation leads to domestic violence and child abuse . Under such circumstances children suffer more and not learn the proper socialization skill because they may suffer from the lack of comfort from their parents . This leads to a situation where children tend to grow up believing that violence is acceptable in society

Hence this is the high time for the all the serious social thinkers to come forward and make some serious efforts to change the direction of the growth of the American Family system and save the society from complete collapse… [banner_entry_footer]

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